Finding the REAL YOU!


“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts”- William Shakespeare

Upon the contemplation of William Shakespeares work we find hidden truths nestled deep into the root of our society, our egos, and the illusions of self that keep a firm grip on our perception of reality.

The world-renowned Philosopher Alan Watts, taught his students to understand that when we are born, we do not differentiate between the external and internal world. We do not understand “that which exists outside of ourselves and that which exists internally” and therefore as we grow we learn to discern what is I and what is you. This was the true understanding of duality and the ego; that without you, there could be no me and if there was no me, then there would in fact be, no you.

And with this understanding we begin to see that we are all wearing a societal mask–a role that each of us play on the grand stage of life. That, the description each of us gives ourselves, is only measured by the perception of someone else. When you begin to care about the perceptions of others and what others think, have engaged emotionally, you have become subject to the judgement and perception of others; falling into your role too deeply. You have in fact lost yourself in the role that you are playing and the game of hide and seek has begun.

By grasping this concept we then can remove our mask and we are simply left with thought and perception.

And so today, we are here to ask. Who are you really? Do you believe yourself to be the role you have assumed in society? and do you associate yourself as being the thinker of your own thoughts? Are you the mastermind behind each and every emotion that arises and each and every thought that transpires inside of your mind?

Allow yourself the time to ponder this for moment and when you realize that this too, this thinker, that you believe is you is also just a thought, then you can begin to see that you are not the thinker of your own thoughts. Upon this realization the question then begs, what is beyond thought? A being, a nothingness, an observer perhaps?

To journey to find the center of yourself is a journey to try to grasp air with your own hand. You will catch nothing. There is a zen poem which speaks to this nothingness,

“You cannot catch hold of it, nor can you get rid of it. In not being able to get it you get it. When you speak its silent, when you are silent it speaks. There is no method, all methods are gimics to strengthen your ego.”

In basic spiritual practice, we understand that energy follows mind and therefore we can safely say that each thought form, creates a verifiable electromagnetic field of energy that broadcasts out into the universe, and creates our own existence. And Science has recently discovered that the universe is mental, immaterial and spiritual. Meaning that all is mind. Thoughts do in fact create our very existence, bringing an end to materialism In lamens terms, this means that every object, including your chair, your car, your house and your own body is made up of particles.

These particles are vibrating on different levels of frequency and these particles have been proven to be 99.999% space. So in reality, when you think that you are sitting on your couch watching the television, you have in fact created the perception, that you are sitting on a couch watching a television.

This is the true power of the mind.

And even with all of this scientific data– the teachings of the wise and the practices of ancient old, we still ask. Who are we?

About a year ago, I awoke in the night from the most frightening of dreams. A dream that I was trapped inside of a girl and didn’t know how to get out. I was lost, I was scared and my mind was frantically racing to try to get out of my own incarnated body to find freedom. I watched this poor girl as she suffered day in and day out trying to fight off the illusions, the emotions, the vicious cycle of thoughts and as I awoke in a cold sweat, feeling absolutely dreadful. I remember thinking how will I help this girl? And then I realized. I was watching her.

From all of the levels of creation to the grandest scale of the universe, the eternal consciousness the energy of the all is within each of us. And as we tap in to this vibration, we soon realize that we are not puppets on strings or a cloth tarrying in the wind to bear all that life has to throw at us.

So, when you are done playing hide and seek with yourself you will see that you are not a victim of the world, you are the world. We are not hear to dance to beat of the earths drum, because we are not the dancers….We are the dance.

Harnessing the eternal energy of universe, the cosmic consciousness of man incarnated. Creating our every moment of existence by the energy of thought, manifesting before our eyes as we consciously and seamlessly walk through it.

We are the creators of our own world and as we expand our consciousness and increase our awareness, we become the creators we were all intended to be.

The awakening is not coming like something to expect far off in the distant future. The awakening is now in every moment, in every circumstance and by changing our perception we know that now, it’s time to create.

“What you are doing is something the whole universe is doing, in the place you call here and now. You are something the whole universe is doing in the same way that a wave is something that the whole ocean is doing”- Alan Watts


LJ Vanier

Article inspired by the late Alan Watts January 6, 1915-November 16, 1973


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