Find Out What Truth Your Name Hides According To Numerology’s Theory

Find Out What Truth Your Name Hides According To Numerology’s Theory

When we speak about Numerology, people are quite skeptics because of the numbers involved. But, with the right order of numbers and a good explanation, it is quite a simple theory.

Many people use numbers to reveal a lot of things for their life, and it will help them to find and understand the right path in this Earthly life.

In this article, we will present to you what your name hides. It is based on numbers that correspond to the letters of the name. The revealing process might sound a little bit confusing, but in fact, it is a straightforward procedure.

In addition, we are going to present to you the essential steps that you need to follow. With these steps, you will be able to discover the most significant truths hiding behind your name.

Five essential steps for revealing the mystery behind your name:

First step: Change your name into the corresponding numbers.

Below we are providing you with the numbers and their corresponding letters.

1 – a, j, s

2 – b, k, t

3 – c, l, u

4 – d, m, v

5 – e, n, w

6 – f, o, x

7 – g, p, y

8 – h, q, z

These are the numbers, and you can figure out which are your name’s corresponding numbers. You are allowed to do this with your first or with your full name.

If you choose to do the procedure with your full name, beware that you will need to simplify the things until you’ve got only three numbers.

These numbers are your life figures.

Second step: Start with the Cornerstone

You need to start the procedure of revealing your cornerstone. That will be the first letter from your name and its corresponding number.

Take a look at the number, because it stands for the things that lead you through your life. The number will present to you the characteristics of how you are dealing with the challenges and chances that life offers.

Third step: Go for the Capstone

Once you solve the first letter, you need to move on to the last letter of your name. This letter stands for your point of view. It will tell you how you see the world and how you present yourself.

Fourth step: Front on to the first vowel

Now you need to get back to your name and find the first vowel. Find the vowel’s corresponding number. This number will tell you what your goals in your life are. Many people struggle to deal with this field in life.

Fifth step: Now solve the rest of the letters

Since you’ve done the first four steps, now you will find the numbers for the rest of the letters. Once you finish this step, you will need to make things simpler, and take a look into the precise rounded down numbers you can find as well.

Yes, sometimes, Numerology can be confusing, but the positive side is that it can reveal many truths and secrets than we can expect.

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