Explore your Inner Cosmos with this ancient guided relaxation exercise

Explore your Inner Cosmos with this ancient guided relaxation exercise

Your 6 senses are the gateways to your outer reality. But the multitude of sensory distractions in your daily life…

From social media to smartphones to idle banter…

Means they can also hold you back from doing, learning and experiencing the things you need to be of higher service to yourself and the planet.

The following guided relaxation exercise helps you instantly overcome sensory distractions by withdrawing your senses – like a turtle pulling its limbs into its shell…

So you can dive deep within and draw from your infinite ocean of inner creativity, intuition, wisdom and clarity.
This exercise is called Pratyahara (“withdrawal of the senses”)

Pratyahara was created by the legendary Vedic guru, Patanjali.

This exercise was first mentioned in Patanjali’s classical work, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, which emerged in the 2nd century BCE.

Despite its ancient origins, Pratyahara is extremely easy to do, and is more relevant than ever in our overloaded modern lives.

A few minutes is all you need – just sit back, relax, and follow the simple instructions:


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What did you find when you journeyed within? And how would you use this clarity to elevate your life?