Expedition Unknown with Josh Gates and Ancient Explorers

Expedition Unknown with Josh Gates and Ancient Explorers

The remains of ancient Dwarka have the potential to rewrite mankind’s history. If you watched our documentary film Atlantis of the East, Dwarka is hypothesized as being one of the oldest civilization known to man. For example, a wooden artifact that was found and carbon dated to 7500 BC. At 9500 years ago, that would say this civilization existed at the end of the last Ice Age, older than the Sumerian civilization by several thousand years, even older than the Egyptian and the Chinese.

The Ancient Explorers is ready to reveal this to the world.

Here's the trailer for todays show:


A few months ago, I was asked by the renowned American television cable channel The Travel Channel to join and film an episode about our expedition (called Expedition Unknown). With an average of 2 million people watching per episode, this is...huge.

On a personal level, my fascination with Dwarka started when I was young boy. Even back then I knew there were answers to our future hidden in ancient worlds of long ago. It's from this curiously passion that I started Ancient Explorers.

It’s why I am so excited to have you tune in to watch the Travel Channel TODAY Wednesday, June 7th. I’ll be on the show Expedition Unknown with Josh Gates as we travel to India in search of Dwarka, the ancient kingdom swallowed by the ocean.

To find evidence that the golden city is real, we actually dove into the Arabian Sea and visited a dig site that could rewrite history. Check your local listings here and tune in as we uncover ancient history:


Here’s To Rewriting History,

Amish Shah

Founder of Ancient Explorers