Energy Muse: The Best Ways of Using Crystal Palm Stones

Energy Muse: The Best Ways of Using Crystal Palm Stones

Crystal touchstones or palm stones are one of the easiest ways of aligning our spirit with the energies which we would like to attract. Just holding a touchstone will create a powerful shift in our emotional state. It is going to give us a moment to calm our mind and tap into the healing vibrations of the earth. There are numerous different ways of using crystal touchstones than we can even imagine.

For people that are new to using touchstones, it is recommended to carry them in their pocket or also the purse. This is going to help them to stay in sync with the energy of their intention. People can also use touchstone as an energetic check of their emotions.

The energy of the touchstone acts as a guide that encourages people to elevate their perspective, and also take a more mindful approach to their day. After that, they can find some new ways of incorporating crystal touchstones in their everyday practice.

Before presenting you the ways of using touchstones, we are going to tell you how to pair your touchstone with the intention you have:

For new beginnings and transformation, you will need:

  • Fire Labradorite – for blazing a trail toward your real destiny;
  • Rainbow Moonstone – for releasing the energy of the past and create some new beginnings;
  • Flower Agate – for spurning positive changes and searching for different opportunities.

For peace and relaxation you will need:

  • Angelite – emitting gentle and reassuring vibes which you will need to guide your spirit through some difficult situations;
  • Ocean Jasper – to bring positive thoughts and high vibes.

For passion, you will need:

  • Carnelian – to empower your spirit to seek more from life;
  • Sunstone – to encourage you to face fears, and also pursue dreams confidently.

For protection, you will need:

  • Smoky Quartz – for purifying your mind of negativity, such as judgments or doubts, and for focusing on positive changes;
  • Black Tourmaline – for blocking negative vibes in order to be peaceful.

For abundance, you will need:

  • Iolite – for motivating you to break out of self-limiting patterns and make new choices which offer excellent rewards;
  • Apatite – it pushes your spirit to go out and conquer your wish lists;
  • Red Jasper – nurturing the spirit with optimism and balance, so you can focus on creating positive changes;
  • Pyrite – for helping you exude the golden energy of wealth, and in that way also attract the energy back.

In order to improve your well-being and your everyday life, you should utilize these eight ways of incorporating palm stones:

1. Use palm stones in meditation.

It is not always easy to transit into a mindful state of clarity. Meditation is one beneficial practice for the mental, as well as physical well-being, but usually, people give up on that practice. They sometimes find it difficult to sit still and focus. And, that is where the palm stones for meditation can be helpful.

They cleanse the mind of doubts and chaotic thoughts so that you can fully immerse yourself in meditation. In order to calm the mind and also elevate your, energy, touchstones will be a great tool.

You can use Hematite, in order to ground and focus your energy, Smoky Quartz, in order to release negativity, as well as establish clarity, Agate for bringing balance, emotional stability and strength, Amethyst for boosting intuition, and also purifying the mind, Clear Quartz, to cleanse, and also amplify your energy and so on.

2. Use palm stones for restful sleep.

When having difficulties with sleeping, there are a lot of things which can disturb your rest. Such things can be different thoughts running through your mind, or you cannot seem to settle your energy. So, touchstones can bring you the peace which you need in order to sleep easily.

Some of the best touchstones you can use are Angelite, which is the one for peaceful support, and Rainbow Moonstone, which is used to invite calming energy and also wash away your daily energy.

In order to use the touchstone for sleep, you can put it next to your bed, hold it in the hand while you sleep or even place it under your pillow.

3. Use palm stones for exercising.

Often you will have the need for some energetic push which is going to boost your exercise routine to the following level. You can use the touchstones at the beginning of your exercise or later in order to achieve your endurance goals.

The most recommended touchstones for this purpose are Red Jasper, used to stir up strength, as well as endurance, then Tiger’s Eye, the one for courage and willpower, and Bloodstone, the one for energy and endurance too.

In order to utilize your touchstone for exercise, you can hold it in hand in a pre-workout meditation, or while you run, for a continuous surge of endurance and energy.

4. Use palm stones for protection.

Every one of us needs to feel that we are protected and safe from negative energies. When you carry a touchstone with you, it is going to absorb negativity, instead of you absorbing it.

The best touchstones for protection are Black Tourmaline, the one used for protection of your space and spirit, and Pyrite, the one used to detect negative energies away from your spirit. You can carry the stones in the pocket or purse, or place them somewhere in your car.

5. Use palm stones for forgiveness and self-love.

Forgiveness and self-love are the two most important energies which you can fill your spirit with. When critical of yourself, you should allow the energy of forgiveness touchstone cleanse you of such judgments.

You can use Rose Quartz for attracting and also emitting loving energy, then Carnelian, for self-worth and confidence, and Rhodonite, used for self-love and forgiveness.