Empathy vs. Sympathy—Learn the Difference

Empathy vs. Sympathy—Learn the Difference

The beautifully and perfectly animated video in this article acts out the well-articulated part or section of the lecture that Dr. Brené Brown taught on all the differences which exist between a sympathetic and empathetic response from the RSA.

This video is neatly wrapping up a hard subject in order to pinpoint all the consequences coming from both the responses.

Empathy is our capacity to place ourselves in the shoes of someone else and understand or relate the best we can to the ways in which that someone feels about a specific situation. This trait of having the ability to express such feelings and understanding them will be empathy’s second tier.

Another response which is related to hearing the problems of another person is expressing sympathy. Sympathy, in fact, is our capacity to express some “culturally acceptable” fellow feelings or understandings to the plight of another. Most of the time, this will include pointing out the silver lining present in one situation; however, it is not always something helpful.

Because of many reasons, empathy will be harder to achieve. We just not need to constantly listen to the problems of other people without judging them, but also be honest not only with ourselves but with them about the feelings we have as listeners.

Such connection will build bridges which will enforce trust, and even understanding that our feelings are positive and healthy for both of us. Later on, looking for some solution will be appropriate. Nothing in this world is going to make us feel better and fulfilled than when our trusted friends and family understand where we are standing. It will make us feel better as it will verify where we stand, because we may often get lost in our lives.

The next time a person opens up to us about some problem, we have to attempt to listen to everything that they say. The primary step would be that they should reach out for full acknowledgment and help. We know that putting ourselves willingly through more unneeded pain is hard, but when we do so, we are both going to feel much better.

Moreover, identifying some similar feelings in some similar situations will strengthen our healthy bonds, and this is not just for both of us, but for our community too. Every person suffers at a certain point in his or her life, and simply taking things out will be useful in helping one another through hardships.

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