Emotionally Damaging Relationship Will Cause PTSD — Leave As Soon As You Can!

Emotionally Damaging Relationship Will Cause PTSD — Leave As Soon As You Can!

Every man should stop pretending he understands why his girl or woman decides to stay, or why sometimes she can’t force herself to leave, even when she says that she wishes to leave. We should stop shaming those who are damaged. Such relationships are hard and difficult to understand, or even difficult to escape freely from. 

They will never show the true colors during the first date. He will not send her home with her soul damaged, aching for some relief. He will not come in gentle and kind, sweet as the perfect one. He is going to pay attention to her and make her feel as if she is the only one in this world. He will act like he is definitely everything that she needs.

Red flags will probably not start appearing until years or only months into their relationship. In several cases, men hit women like a train and leave them breathless. The woman will want to leave him, but she cannot imagine her life without his presence. In fact, he does not hit her, or kicked her like some shoe he found on the way out, but he simply drops some shitty remarks, tearing her down.

If she tells him that it bothers her, he will respond that everything was just a joke. So, she will get over everything and keep on, unless it really happens once again, and then again. It will repeat like some song on the radio that she hates.

He will tell her that he really hates her friends, her new haircut, her outfit, or everything else related to her. The dripping will simply get worse, and it will continue so, and sly remarks will feel like a ton of bricks beating her down again and again. He may not mean it, he is not to be blamed, but she was probably supposed to consider him before she got the haircut. He simply does not realize that she is more sensitive and emotional than he actually is. Everything will be okay; she will get over it.

She will be crazy because of all those times she caught him lying. She will think that she is doing something really wrong. Maybe she wasn’t keeping the house clean all the time. Perhaps she did not heat the dinner fast enough. She will not be able to sleep from this screaming. She isn’t the one that makes the scene, but she is the mirror which breaks. And why, why she can’t simply walk out the door and continue going? Why are her feet afraid to move and her voice too soft when it comes to speaking back? Why is she stuck there, in that hell?

If she could finally leave him, where would she go? What would she do? How would she afford to continue living on her own? She will have nothing, and she will be nothing. She will need him.

He made her feel broken. He wore her down, and he did what he simply had the intention to do. She is not the smart, strong, and pretty woman that she was when she met him. She is weak and afraid. She chose this particular life. Why is she doing that to herself?

Women in relationships like this one can’t leave until they find their voice. They can’t simply walk away when they have nothing, and they don’t have where to go. They need support and options. They will deal with this hell for some time after men are not present in their lives for a long time.

Many women deal with physical and emotional damage. However, these women should know that they aren’t alone. There is going to be PTSD, which will come together with things such as anxiety and depression, but they are going to be okay. Life is going to continue. Every person in the world deserves happiness. We should not feel afraid to definitely leave someone, because no one will be worth our pain.

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