Elon Musk Believes If There Are Super intelligent Aliens, They Might Be Observing Us

Elon Musk Believes If There Are Super intelligent Aliens, They Might Be Observing Us

About one decade ago, some avid extraterrestrial and UFO researchers could not talk about their researches without people laughing at them openly. Nowadays, this topic gained considerable popularity and credibility not just among figures from political, academic and military high ranked spheres, but also among popular global ones, especially speaking at some prestigious conferences worldwide.

The classified documents from previously, which were released from numerous governments worldwide, also permitted the topic to become part of the respected and public domain.

One of the major figures that has been commented on extraterrestrials is Elon Musk, who is the founder, CTO, and CEO of SpaceX, just like CEO, product architect, and co-founder of Tesla Inc. Besides being an excellent businessman, he is also an activist that uses his resources and wealth for creating a better planet Earth.

He talked about extraterrestrials at the World Government Summit in 2017, which is the global platform that is dedicated to shaping the future of the governments around the world. Every year, this Summit sets its agenda for the following government generations, focusing on the ways of harnessing technology and innovation to solve some universal problems and challenges that humanity faces.

Below is a small part of the speech of Elon Musk:

When I was a kid I was wondering, kind of, what’s the meaning of life, like, why are we here, what’s it all about? I came to the conclusion that what really matters is trying to understand the right questions to ask, and, the more that we can increase the scope and scale of human consciousness, the better we are able to ask these questions…

Some of those things are in the long term, having long term sustainable transport and sustainable energy generation, and to be a space-bearing civilization, and for humanity to be out there among the stars, and be a multi-planetary species. I think being a multi-planet species and being out there among the stars is important for the long term survival of humanity…It creates a sense of adventure, and it makes people excited about the future.

Moreover, in that same interview, Musk stated that if super smart and intelligent extraterrestrials exist somewhere in our space, they are definitely observing us, and we aren’t smart and aware enough to notice that.

Intelligent creatures from another star system were visiting Earth, and they continue visiting it now. In fact, they are usually called visitors, star people, others, extraterrestrials, and so on. They visit our planet NOW; this isn’t something like wishful thinking or speculation.

Many people believe that Musk is completely right. They say that extraterrestrials are probably watching us already, and we aren’t even aware of that. However, things are continually changing. In order to educate people on this particular subject, a lot of efforts are mad, from the best and most credible available sources. Video footage, scientific publications, and photos were already published in scientific journals, starting from several years ago until now.

Television shows and movies are bombarding us with stories about extraterrestrial invasions, making the simple thought of being visited by such creatures quite scary, especially the way how they are portrayed.

The current perception of the public of extraterrestrials and UFOs reveals how humans’ minds can easily be influenced, and even how quickly their thoughts about particular subjects can be given to them, sometimes subconsciously as well.

Nowadays, extraterrestrials and UFOs are the most searched subject on the internet, suggesting that there are some people who are really curious about learning the truth.

Acknowledging the facts that such beings visit our humanity opens up a lot of questions in different fields, such as history, religion, new theories related to scientific knowledge, or many more. If extraterrestrials were around and were watching us, why there wasn’t a major contact with them? In fact, there is enough evidence which shows that contact happened on individual levels, with maybe millions of individuals claiming that they established contact with such creatures.

Maybe Musk does not share the knowledge that he was privy too? It wouldn’t be a surprise when we take a look at the circles in which he lives. Moreover, in such businesses of new energy generation, the topics related to UFOs usually come up as a result of the questions about how they get here and what systems they use. The UFOs which were tracked on the military radar or the ones that pilots confirmed visually performed maneuvers which entirely defy the physic’s laws, and which another aircraft on our planet can’t make.

Maybe the topic about ET and UFOs gains attention as people turn their focus towards the global cooperation, the desire for the green and clean planet, and peace, and a planet which will be clear of government, financial and corporate interest. Can we all work together and solve the problems, so that we can become a spacefaring race which Musk passionately spoke about?

There are some people who believe that there is another kind of religion, which is spirituality. Spirituality does not have such negative connotation as religion, lacking the long history of subjugation, corruption, and violence. Spirituality is not concerned about converting individuals to certain behaviors and beliefs.

A considerable part of this extraterrestrial question also coincides with spirituality. Although there are always going to be people that will quickly conclude that aliens are demons or angels, maybe one of the best possible approaches would be to see “them” as “us” and stop labeling and judging them.

Maybe extraterrestrial contact will help us to find out more about our origins – who we are and where we come from. We just have to release every judgment and destructive way of life.