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Easy Healing Meditation Technique For Relationships

by Denise Kinsley

Easy Healing Meditation Technique For Relationships

Who wouldn’t want the tool to heal their relationship to all their relationships? The Ishayas are a bunch of cool monks who have dedicated their lives to helping people free themselves from mind made limitations, Ishaya being a Sanskrit word meaning ‘for consciousness.’

I was given this amazing Pink Light Technique a few years ago by them. I adore it as it’s an easy meditation and it works. It can help any relationship past or present and can really help with getting over break ups, too! I’m paying it forward and you can too, share and spread the love people but most importantly, do it. Let me know how you get on with it, I’d love to hear.

Pink Light Technique Instructions 

The following technique is a powerful healing tool to be used daily. This technique is ancient in origin and has been used throughout the millennia to heal relationships.This technique has been effectively used to heal all pain and suffering between the user and the subject. Use the technique in innocence and without conditions. It is miraculous!
1. Get yourself in a loving space. Remember a time when you felt loved.
2. In your mind’s eye, picture Pink Loving Light radiating from your heart, encompassing you in a Pink Sphere.
3. Stay within your Pink Light Sphere… remember a most loving memory of yourself (this could be recent or from your childhood) and project this aspect of you outside of the Pink Light Sphere. Cover this projection of yourself with the Pink Loving Light (radiating from your heart).
4. Then, starting with your immediate family – mother, father, siblings, partner, children – individually imagine them in front of you, outside the Pink Light Sphere. When possible, have the image of them in a loving memory. In your mind’s eye, picture yourself covering each of them with the Pink Light (as if you were icing a cake). Cover them, and then let them go and move on to the next person.  (If you cannot remember this person in a loving memory, just picture them in front of you. If you cannot do this, then bring them in, standing at a distance and/or facing away from you).
5.  Next, bring in anyone with whom you still have an emotional charge or discomfort.  (Follow the instructions above).
6.  Allow for anyone else to show up (whoever needs to be brought into your awareness is ok, whether you know them or not), cover them with the Pink Loving Light and let them go as well.

Note: In the beginning, this process should take no more than ten minutes a day, eventually getting down to five minutes.  If you can’t visualize the Pink Light, that is fine, the intent is what is important.

Once someone is done, assume that they are finished for the day. You will get a sense when someone is complete and no longer requires a treatment. Some people will not show up for a while; others that you didn’t expect to see will suddenly appear to receive the Pink Light.

This technique has had great success for those who have experienced abuse. Runaway children have been known to reconnect with their family within weeks of this technique being implemented.

Everyone using this technique should remember to ‘Pink Light’ themselves daily.

Love Monk Top Tips: Have fun with covering people with pink light. I particularly like to firemans hose the pink all over them, or put them in a gunge tank, pink spotlight, pink air dryer them, paint them, spray paint them, ice them like a cake, pink water bombs, whatever it is, enjoy.

The Love Monk (aka Lindsey Dayavati Best) is a meditation teacher, lover of life, speaker, writer, adventurer and all round love monger!
Denise Kinsley

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