Diving Deeper Into The Prosperity Formula (Part 2 of 2):

Diving Deeper Into The Prosperity Formula (Part 2 of 2):

How To Harness The Hidden Power Of Symbols All Around You To Draw Abundance Into Your Life

Does this symbol look familiar to you?


It’s a Swastika – and yes, most of us today know it for the wrong reasons…


But what many people don’t know, is that before it was used for evil…

The Swastika has been used from as early as 10,000 BC by multiple cultures (like the Africans, Hindus, Celts and Armenians) as an attractor of wealth, eternal light, and as a tantric symbol of prosperity.

The Swastika is a fascinating example of how enduring symbols can be…

And how your INTENTIONS can be used to channel a symbol’s power towards what you want in life – like in your case, more success and prosperity

Welcome to the first blog post in the Prosperity Formula training series.

Here, we’re going to look at how to use SYMBOLS to reset your Prosperity DNA, so you can start drawing more wealth and success into your life.

Plus in a few moments, you’ll even get to try a mind exercise that will help you instantly experience the transformative power of symbols.

But first, let’s start by looking at some symbols you may be familiar with…


Which of these symbols gives you a specific memory, or emotion, just by looking at it?

If you’re at all familiar with Egyptian mythology… maybe the Egyptian Ankh reminds you of the Pyramids? Or the concept of eternal life?

If you are or were a Christian, maybe the cross reminds you of going to Church on a Sunday morning?

And the Olympics symbol probably makes you think of superhuman athletes, right?

The reason all this happens is because symbols are energetically CHARGED.

See, your brain has a tendency to latch on to anchors, which are like mental footnotes… as an energy efficient way to make sense of the world and information around you.

Symbols are perfect anchors, because just by looking at them, your brain can instantly tap into a certain combination of impulses stored deep in your mind and body.

And so once you’ve been programmed with a story, a set of metaphors, and particular emotions behind a symbol…

Just looking at it will ANCHOR you to those responses… as it alters your brainwaves and evokes a specific energetic blueprint from inside you.

In other words, symbols have the power to program you like a computer!


Can you now see how a symbol like the Swastika can be used to both destroy lives… and to create great prosperity and success?

Or how multi-billion dollar companies and organizations use symbols and logos to influence your thoughts?

Most people don’t know this… but there are countless subtle messages hidden in plain in sight in some of the logos we see every day.

Take the Fedex logo, for instance:


Have you ever noticed the arrow in between the ‘E’ and the ‘X’? That arrow is there to a subliminally remind you that Fedex gets the job done – quickly and efficiently.


And then you have the Eye of Providence symbol on the US dollar bill… which is said to be a Masonic symbol representing the 13 original States and the eye of God watching over the land.

(Some say this is also a symbol of the Illuminati, but that’s a topic for another day…)

If you know anyone who practices Feng Shui, you may have noticed symbols or figures like these scattered across their house or workspace:


Why? Because these symbols are believed to increase the flow of positive chi and wealth into their lives.

Oh, and here’s another one of my favorites:


These serpent figures are an ancient Gnostic symbol representing wisdom…


… which also happen to bear a STRONG resemblance to human DNA helixes, observable only to modern-day scientists.

Pretty cool, right?

But why are these symbols so subtle with their messages?

Because they slip under your radar by programming you on a subconscious level.

But what if you could turn the tables, and use the power of symbols to your advantage? Let me explain…

What If You Could Use Symbols To Go Beyond The Subconscious Level… And Elevate Your Consciousness From A Subatomic Level?

One of the keys to doing this lies in a symbol so incredibly powerful… it connects you to the essence of the Universe itself:

You may recognize this symbol from the first video I shared with you.

It’s the Sri Yantra, and it’s perhaps the King of all symbols.

The Sri Yantra has been used for over 12,000 years by monks, scientists, philosophers and inventors to induce extraordinarily deep states of mind…

And to tap into the building blocks of reality.

Farmers even use it to increase their crop yield…

Some have labeled it a potential source of bio energy…

And some researchers even believe its geometric properties were used to design the Pyramids of Giza!

Why? Because the geometric lines of the Sri Yantra contain the subatomic particles of the Universe.

Believe it or not, this tiny symbol houses many of the recurring mathematical formulas, laws and patterns that we see all around us.

(And even INSIDE your body!)

You’ve got Pi in there…

The Golden Ratio…

The Fibonacci Sequence…

Even elements of Sacred Geometry…

But most amazing of all is this:

You see in physics, there is a complex 8-dimensional structure called the polytope, which belongs to the E8 gauge group in mathematics.


And if you were to build a physical model of the polytope, shine light through it, and rotate it to just the right angle…


How can a 12,000-year-old symbol be inside a structure known only to modern scientists?

This is a sublime example of both the power of symbols…

And of ancient wisdom and modern science coming together… to give us a new, enlightened model of reality.

Okay, so now that you understand a little more about symbols…

It’s time for you to actually FEEL the anchoring effect a symbol can have on you.

An immersive Sri Yantra mind exercise (you won’t believe how this makes you feel!)

First, I need you to relax… take five deep breaths… and make sure you’re comfortably seated.

Now, look at the dot at the center of this Sri Yantra, which is known as the ‘Bindu’, for just a few seconds…

And allow your vision to un-focus…

If you’re like most people… you may now notice the lines of the Sri Yantra begin to vibrate ever so slightly.

In fact they might even be twisting and bending like waves.

If you can’t see it yet, you might just need more practice.

But if you CAN see it, keep in mind this is not an optical illusion.

It’s this particular symbol anchoring your mind, body and spirit in a state I like to call CREATION MODE.

In this state, your brainwaves drop to a meditative state, as stress and distractions melt away.

Your mind becomes still, intuitive and focused.

And once you understand how to control this state…

Your Prosperity DNA even begins to rearrange itself, as the thoughts, habits and emotions that don’t serve you are gradually replaced with the ones that DO.

And your deepest self begin connecting with a hidden gateway, a field of pure consciousness… that contains the very fabric of the universe itself.

When you practice using a few simple steps and techniques, these effects will grow increasingly powerful.

So what does all this have to do with your wealth and success? First, there is one rule you must remember…

“Symbols Do Not Directly Give You Power. They Elevate Your Mind, Body And Spirit To A Position Of SELF Empowerment.”

This rule is crucial! Because when you harness the power of a symbol, what you’re doing is tapping into an ocean of creativity, wisdom, intuition and inspiration that already exists inside you.

By gaining access to this ‘ocean’, the separate elements of your life begin shifting in fantastic ways…

  • When a problem surfaces at work or in your business, your heightened intuition and creativity lead you to better, faster solutions.
  • When you’re dealing with co-workers or meeting new people, connecting and empathizing with them becomes far more natural.
  • In meetings, you become far more responsive and assertive, as you speak your truths with conviction and charisma.
  • Internally, all the self-defeating thoughts, fears and doubts that once held you back start to lose their grip on you.
  • Because you’re in harmony with the frequency of prosperity itself, you’ll find yourself attracting the right people, coincidences and circumstances to get where you want to be.
  • And since you’re connecting with yourself on a subconscious and even a molecular level, you’ll find yourself consistently aligned with your deepest sense of purpose: the reason you were put on this planet.

Can you imagine what all these gifts will do you for wealth and success?

Your Prosperity Formula journey starts with symbols.

But symbols alone don’t give us the full equation.

In the next blog post, we’ll explore the second piece of the puzzle:


Here I’ll show you how the vibrational powers of certain words are the unlikely key to never again worrying about money, bills or debt.

It’s very important that you read BOTH these posts for the best possible results!

So keep checking your email inbox over the next few days, because I’ll drop you a note as soon as the second post goes live.

But for now, why not take the next step by trying the Prosperity DNA Activation Kit?

In the program you’ll experience my FULL step-by-step process – including fun yet powerful exercises, tools and tips – for applying Symbols & Sounds to elevate your wealth and success to a whole new level.

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