Discover the Power of Shakti Through Self-Awareness

Discover the Power of Shakti Through Self-Awareness


It is so crucial to own our self-awareness, and it’s why I am sharing this guided meditation on that very awareness of self that will give rise to your inner power. . .




When you are what people call a power woman, (I personally think ALL women are this!) you juggle the balance between family, work and self.

Yes…I included ‘self’. Usually we just hear about family and work…but without my inner self, I would not be able to stand in my power as a teacher, as a wife, as a mother and more.

In sanskrit, the term shakti means “the female principle of divine energy, especially when personified as the supreme deity.”

My inner self, my shakti, is who calls the shots.

I listen to her when I am in a bind, when I am called on for decisions, when I am wavering and unsure, when I know she has the answer of my truth, in my heart of hearts. It’s this awareness, this knowing that allows me to navigate through life with my self.

With Light and Love,

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