Did Ancient Man Really Communicate With Beings Not From Earth?

Did Ancient Man Really Communicate With Beings Not From Earth?


The ancient astronaut theory has never been as widespread as today. Now, there are numerous theories that talk about the possibility that ancient mankind was visited in the past by beings not from Earth. These theories are supported by “physical evidence” such as countless unexplainable constructions across the globe, mysterious layouts, caves, megaliths and indecipherable texts and paintings which seem to depict otherworldly beings that have come into contact with ancient man.

There are theories that speak of the possibility of extraterrestrial beings visiting Earth and helping our ancestors develop as a species, transferring knowledge to primitive man, who in turn, expressed and recorded these historical accounts in caves, ancient texts and monuments.

On almost every continent on Earth, there are findings that mainstream archaeology, anthropology and other sciences cannot explain. Symbols, items, and constructions that don’t seem to fit into the conventional thinking methods. Figures present like silent clues, pointing towards something, that ancient man could not understand fully as “he” recorded it in caves, mysterious humanoid figures, helmets, masks, gloves, almost depicting what we today know as “astronauts”.

Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico, Easter Island, Australia, Japan, China, India, Turkey, Egypt and other countries have incredible megalithic constructions that cannot be replicated with modern-day tools. Engineers and architects stand in awe when looking at some of the monuments that ancient man constructed thousands of years ago. Cyclopean structures erected thousands of years ago pointing towards many questions that archaeology nor history can explain.

Is it possible that some of these structures were created on purpose, meant to tell the story of the gods that came from the stars? Were these incredible monuments built to honor their arrival?

Is it possible that depictions, like the ones found in Peru, at Toro muerto are indeed representations of otherworldly beings? In the midst harsh environment of Peru, there is a small town called Toro muerto, located northwest of Arequipa. Here, in an area of 5 kilometers, researchers have found innumerable engravings and drawings showing incredible enigmatic representations of beings who seem to fly, individuals with strange machines depicted in what appear to be spacesuits…

Could it be that these depictions are meant to represent the “Gods” that came from the stars, who arrived in great ships? Or were these interpretations anomalous depictions meant to represent abstract art of ancient man?

Curiously, there are other places on Earth that seem to represent very similar objects half way around the world, in the Sahara desert. There, at the Tassili mountains we see countless depictions of beings that do not resemble ancient humans at all. These creatures are clearly represented with helmets, masks, gloves, and other items that ancient man did not have. Curiously, ancient man in Algeria knew how to depict humans and animals natives to the region so it is a very big question, why he decided to include beings that are anything but similar to ancient humans of the region.

Other similar depictions can also be found in Brescia Italy, in the Italian Alps, where researchers have found strange-looking ancient rock paintings. There are human figures dressed in “ceremonial robes” that could very well correspond to modern-day space suits, because if you look carefully you can recognize mysterious times on the suits, antennae and other technological devices that astronauts today have.

Are the anomalous depictions at these three places abstract art? Or did the ancient artists depict what they saw, beings that could have arrived to our planet dressed like our astronauts today, in space suits and helmets?

It is a question of belief rather than evidence since for some people, these depictions clearly show otherworldly beings. It is up to you, the reader, to decide if there is a possibility that ancient man did in fact have contact with beings not from Earth.