How to Detox for Life: 8 Ways to Remove Ama

How to Detox for Life: 8 Ways to Remove Ama

Ama wreaks havoc on the body. . .  as it clogs internal bodily channels.

It is formed through poor dietary habits and low digestive fire. Over time, it accumulates in the system and may block the channels of the body, causing a variety of ailments. It may lead to an even more toxic form, which then mixes with the tissues or waste products of the body. . . this can lead to chronic health issues.

So what does this have to do with my body?

Amazingly, the human body has hundreds of different cell types and almost 75 trillion cells. Each one of your cells knows exactly who you are and each cell knows where it has to be. . .  in order for it to be part of you, and able to communicate with all the other cells.


This is what's called inner intelligence.

In the detailed world of your cells, information must flow. . . and simply put, that sludgy ama blocks the flow of this information. And thus, chronic disease can form. The Ayurvedic texts were written down 5,000 years ago, since then, pollution has become way more of a concern. Nowadays, our body and mind are assaulted by all types of environmental toxins that have been associated with a wide variety of health imbalances. And almost always, digestion and metabolism are weak in these cases.

So how can you eliminate ama?

Ayurveda says the nature of the detoxification procedure is to support the natural ability of the body to purify itself.


Here are 8 things you can do to reduce and remove ama:

1. Stop Overeating. Not only within the meal itself, but this means do not eat before the previous meal is digested also.

2. Make lunch a priority. Lunch should be the main meal, not dinner, and make it a healthy choice.

3. Stop drinking ice drinks and cold-food meals.

4. Start eating fresh, pure, and organic. Old food, stale food, packaged foods can cause more ama.

5. Eat mindfully, not quickly or not while watching TV or reading.

6. Meditate regularly. Your form of meditation can even be walking with mindfulness.

7. Exercises a few times a week in a way that suits your body.

8. Use digestive substances to increase your digestive fires. In Ayurveda, this can be as simple as sipping hot water, using specific spices, and taking herbal supplements.
"Eliminate that which is not wholeness, that which is disrupting, that which is suitable for the self, using procedures and preparations to restore the self, to re-establish prakriti (wholeness our essential nature), and pacify that by which is conducive to health."

The above passage was translated from Sanskrit from an original ancient Ayurvedic text, (chikitsatam vyadhikaram pathyam sadharanam aushadam prayshitam prakritisthapanprashanam itaman).

This is a potent understanding and a template for understanding how Ayurveda works.In the classic texts of Ayurveda, ama is described as the underlying cause of many health issues. In the Western medical approach, the focus is on the manifest state of illness or the sequence of events that leads to the creation of an illness.

Ayurveda focuses on handling imbalances while they are in their infancy, and eliminating them with mild but effective non-obtrusive methods.