Destiny and Fate: Two Different Terms Although Used Interchangeably By Most of Us

Destiny and Fate: Two Different Terms Although Used Interchangeably By Most of Us

The words destiny and fate are entirely different words. A lot of people use these two terms interchangeably which they talk with someone; however, these two words don’t have the same meaning. Many times, we hear people saying that someone met his or her fate, or when something happens, they would say that it was probably his or her destiny, but do we ever wonder what all that, in fact, means?  Or, if we have said it ourselves, can we be sure that we used the correct word for a particular circumstance or situation?

Here, we are going to explain the many differences between the words fate and destiny:

How is fate defined?

This word comes from the Latin language, from the word Fatum which means “that which was spoken.” Fate was associated with everything that was predetermined for the life of a human being, since the start of the human civilization. The ancient Romans and Greeks believed that there were three goddesses named Lachesis, Atropos, and Clotho, or also called the “Three Fates” who were responsible for determining the life path of a person.

From the point of view of fate, in fact, there is one natural order in our Universe that can’t be changed, regardless of our attempts. There are many pessimistic terms like “a fate worse than death,” or “to seal one’s fate.” Such sayings make us think that fate is a negative and undesirable thing, and most of us perceive it in this negative connotation. Those people that experience misfortune usually believes that everything happened because of fate.

The spiritual meaning of fate.

When we aren’t working actively in order to reconnect ourselves with our True Nature or souls, fate will happen. When we aren’t putting efforts into continually evolving and changing, we are going to meet our fate one day. In fact, when we decide to leave our lives in the hands of our fate, we basically hand over the control to others and some outside circumstances.

How is destiny defined?

This word comes from a Latin word, the word Destinare which means “that which was firmly established.” This definition even refers to predetermined events; however, until fate, in destiny, an element of decision and choice exists, as it is a thing which we are able to shape or alert actively.

Destiny has a higher number of positive connotations as some qualities like compassion, patience, willpower, and courage can help us change our destiny. In fact, it is much better when we know that if we want something, and we act upon that thing, our life’s outcome was directed only by our choices.

The spiritual meaning of destiny.

There is our ultimate life path, or also our life path. This ultimate life path will be the best possible outcome of everything we were supposed to accomplish. That is our destiny. When we decide to step up, in order to take full responsibility for our lives, then we actively shape our destiny rather than leaving everything to fate. To fulfill our destiny, we have to develop a better connection to our most profound inner selves consciously and also mature on spiritual, mental, and emotional levels. We need to evolve throughout our entire existence. We need to direct the stream of our lives consciously in a particular direction.

We can perceive destiny and fate as the two different sides of one coin – both of them are predetermined; however, they aren’t predetermined identically.

Differences between destiny and fate are:

  • Destiny is a predetermination which we are supposed to do, while fate is one which we can’t change;
  • Destiny is a predetermination about what occurs when we commit to learning, making changes, and growing, while fate is everything that happens when we do not take responsibility for our lives;
  • Destiny comes through conscious and active decisions, while fate happens when we let external circumstances and other people dictate our lives.

Regardless of what happens, it is really significant to have in mind that the number of possibilities and opportunities that life offers is infinite. When we are willing to achieve our highest potential, we have to remember that we should continue consciously to seek to grow, learn, and evolve spiritually.

These are some of the most common and important tips about how we can fulfill our destiny:

  • Get to know ourselves better;
  • Show ourselves love, compassion, and kindness;
  • Discover our passions and enjoy them;
  • Be only ourselves and enjoy all the beauty and peace which comes with not needing to be a person we aren’t;
  • Direct our attention towards making everything we want to happen;
  • Seek out inspiring, empathetic, and kind people when we seek friends;
  • Don’t fear of making bold decisions as we will move out of our zone of comfort;
  • Failure does not exist; learning opportunities do exist, instead;
  • Ensure that our core beliefs and thoughts are positive; if they aren’t, we should condition ourselves to some new and better ones;
  • List out our strengths in order to help us direct our energies in more beneficial and sustainable ways;
  • Ask others for some support when we feel unsure, or we need guidance.

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