De-stress With This 5 Minute Japanese Tea Meditation

De-stress With This 5 Minute Japanese Tea Meditation

Meditation exists in many different forms, and such forms may bring us in a specific present moment, or help give us our focus and energy, and even ground ourselves. One such meditation is the so-called Japanese Tea Meditation.

The art of this type of meditation may be simply understood only by one specific phrase: one time, one meeting. In fact, this is a phrase which may help you remember the only time you have, which is the present, together with the uniqueness and authenticity of every single moment in your life.

This tea ceremony represents a practice which will give you the chance to be completely present, and grateful, and to live with your heart wide open. The simple act of preparing and drinking the tea may appear simple, but doing that with being completely present and aware can be quite hard.

Below are the four major steps of the tea ceremony. This will be our only chance to be completely aware and present while we are doing something very simple. A lot of other things will occupy our everyday life.

Here are the four steps of Japanese Tea Meditation:

1. We should prepare the tea.

We have to do every single step, such as from getting the tea bag out of the box, to cleaning our glass after we drink the tea, with being completely present. When we finally prepared the tea, we should sit together with it, breath in its aroma, feel its warmth, and look at its colors. We should imagine the tea leaf’s journey and how in the end, it managed to come to us.

2. We have to be thankful.

Before we even take a sip, we have to thank for this tea, and also for the particular moment we have. We should be grateful for our health, the water, and the leaves, or even the chair in which we sit. We should show gratitude for our reality which permits us to perform the tea ceremony.

3. We should savor our tea.

While we are drinking our tea, we should focus on many different things. We can try staying present with our sensations about the taste, and smell of our tea, and how we feel it on our tongue. We could also think about how easily we move our wrist or arm.

While we drink, we have to be conscious of some other thoughts which creep into our mind, pay attention to them, and then release them, just like in some other types of meditation. We have to remember that the current drinking of the tea regardless if it happens in someone else’s presence or not, is never going to come again. It will be an authentic moment.

4. We should be grateful again.

When we finally finished our tea, we should be grateful once again. Gratitude may bring richness to our lives and even help us stay present.

When we take part in the simple, but still profound ritual, we give ourselves a lot of gifts. With practicing gratitude, we also enhance our life experience. We start our day with peace and clarity. We can reap all the benefits of every antioxidant present in the tea.

We can even improve our relationships if we are 100% present with the person and truly connect with him or her. However, the most important thing is that we are living in the now and with keeping our awareness in our reality, we prevent our mind from continually controlling our thoughts, and we give ourselves a powerful foundation of joy and peace.

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