Could This Common Daily Habit Be The Unlikely Key To World Peace?

Could This Common Daily Habit Be The Unlikely Key To World Peace?

Across the planet, hundreds of millions do it every day.

Scientists, spiritual leaders and Hollywood celebrities publicly endorse it.

And countless studies have proven its benefits – from physical healing to mental and emotional wellbeing to amplified creativity, focus and intuition.

Yet ask the average person if meditation could be the answer to world peace… and they’ll tell you to start living in the real world.

But that’s only because the average person doesn’t understand the phenomenon known as the unified field theory.
The Scientific Observation That Proves Separation Is An Illusion… And Unity Is The Only Truth.

By using particle accelerators that serve as hyper-amplified microscopes, scientists have been able to zoom ever closer into the subatomic structure of the ‘building blocks’ that make up reality.

(You might be wondering what this has to do with meditation or world peace – but bear with us for a second.)

What’s fascinating is that the deeper they’re able to probe into these building blocks, the more the complex particles that make up the universe dissolves into one simple truth:

On a subatomic level, we – as in people, animals, objects, everything – are in fact the same.

This equal playing field, this fundamental unity… is the essence of what scientists call the unified field theory.
Why Meditation Is The Gateway To This Unified Field: A Passport To Oneness.

Ancient yogic wisdom speaks of a state of being known as Samadhi: the transcendent state of pure consciousness, stillness and inner being…

Or in other words, the state of unity with yourself and everything around you.

Meditation is the path to Samadhi. People who use meditation to focus their awareness inwards consistently report a sense of detachment from ego, desire and negativity. The illusions clouding their highest selves lifts away… revealing a far purer reality of who and what they really are.

This evidence is far from anecdotal, because rigorous and qualitative scientific studies reveal the same outcomes.

When you meditate, the quality of your thoughts improves. Damaging addictions disappear. Empathy and compassion amplifies. Your cells even start repairing themselves at a faster rate.

All these effects are a reflection of your deepest truth: which is that you are the universe, and the universe is you.

At this point, the more we-focused individual often asks the same question: if you and the universe are the same… is it not possible for your thoughts and manifestations to also influence the universe around you?

The answer is YES – once you understand…
How To Create MASSIVE Change Through The Unified Field – Not Just In Yourself, But In The World.

When one person taps into the unified field, profound personal change occurs.

So can you imagine what happens when multiple like-minded people tap into the unified field at the same time, with the same high-vibrating intention?

We’re looking at positive change on a far larger scale. Like the elevation of a society’s values. A mass shift in focus towards the issues that really matter. Deeper empathy, love and compassion across entire communities.

And yes – the end to all global war and conflict.

The key to achieving this positive planetary effect, according to particle physicist and former Presidential Candidate Dr. John Hagelin… is group meditation.

Watch this short video for the why and how:

“There is far more evidence that group meditation can turn off war like a light switch… than there is evidence that aspirin reduces headache pain.”
Dr. John Hagelin, Particle Physicist & Three-Time USA Presidential Candidate

What’s the one global challenge you’d like to solve through group meditation?

Share your thoughts with the community below. We read and honor each one.

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