Body Detox Using Your Mind!

This article first appeared in and is written by David G. Arenson

The mind — our healer and link to the infinite, the substance of inexorable timelessness, the expansive mystery that travels with us throughout our visit to this world and beyond …

What if mind were a projection of a holographic universe? Healing is a small part (in the greater context) of this possibility.

If the universe is infinite in one direction (outer space), it must also be infinite in the opposite direction (inner space) too. The more scientists travel within, the more complexity, illusion and intelligence they discover. And as it turns out, the one thing we keep finding more of is intelligence.

Some might argue that the entire universe is a projection of the mind, reaching beyond space and time. If an aspect of the mind is non-local, it would imply that we have access to knowledge and wisdom from another dimension. This could facilitate time travel, space travel and meeting other beings from another realm. It would literally mean, “It’s all in the mind!”

I believe that if we understood the vast capacity of our minds, we would also understand that most illness stems from the well of the mind, and thus, to change that “dis-ease” we turn to the mind and its capacity to heal.

The brain is generally defined as, that which is limited to the inner workings of the physical brain structure held within the cranium. The mind is the intelligence that has no definitive location within the body. Its reach extends to every cell of the physical body and outside the body, into the spiritual realm.

In some ancient traditions, each person has nine chakras, seven that animate the physical body, and then the eighth “master chakra” (above the body) and the ninth as the cosmic chakra (or as Carl Jung put it — “the collective unconscious” — that which connects us all to each other.) The ninth chakra would encompass all human consciousness and link all of us together as, “The Great Mind.”

Since we are not quite sure how to even begin to understand the mind, I would assume that the mind is reasonable and yet beyond reason, logical and yet beyond logic. Healing possesses similar qualities.

Healing usually happens spontaneously and accesses the deepest recesses of our physiology, far beyond our conscious awareness. It is naturally activated without choice, provided we support it environmentally — for example, releasing old emotions, supporting bodily functions like detoxification, and providing proper nutrition, vitamins and minerals.

There’s a part of us that chooses and a part of us that is removed from choice (the observer versus active participant). When we engage a deeper part of our awareness that watches from a distance, we see the greater picture, learn the lesson of transformation and begin to embark on a journey towards healing and ultimately wholeness.

Our beliefs about healing are crucial to all aspects of wellness. Our entire molecular system is mediated by hormones — the “molecules of emotion” triggered by our thoughts. Beliefs hard-wire our brains and change our neurotransmitter balance.

To heal we have to learn how to “die” — to let go of all that we were — to embrace becoming a new, healed “whole” self.

When we heal, a dimension is activated beyond what we can see with the eyes. What it requires is a surrendering to what we wish to become. We are the creators of our own reality.

Our ability to heal goes far beyond what most people believe. Reprogramming beliefs is a deep, constant and mystical path, requiring full immersion, dedication and commitment.

David is the founder of Metamorphosis Retreat. A Naturopath, Wellness Specialist, Soul-Coach, he creates personalized packages for corporates and individuals seeking wellness solutions and adventure travel for the soul.

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