Between Both Worlds: Connecting The Gap For Artisans Around The World

Between Both Worlds: Connecting The Gap For Artisans Around The World

I let the colorful fabric run between my fingers. Smooth as traditional silk, but easier to clean. The local artisan had been curating gorgeous pashmina shawls like that for years but didn’t have the audience or market so as we sat in his little store in a small Indian village I watched how he sold what he to day.

As we sat together, the store owner waved down a cart housing teacups. “Do Chai!” and suddenly I held a cup of spiced chai in my hand, sipping and chatting with the owner as if we had known one another for years.

Working with local artisans is a whole new way of doing business. You sip tea, talk about how they made their item and magic happens...because it’s just so personal.

Many moons ago, I would never have thought I would be selling actual products to customers with a digital storefront of hundreds of items to choose from.

It was a slow process that started with a farm, but now, it’s like this growth has a mind of it’s own. I bring people what they want and when my customers are happy, we are happy.

You may wonder...a farm?

In recent years, I grew my internet marketing and media companies to successful heights...with Inc. 500 status, twice, as the fastest growing company in San Diego, I was soaring….but I also found myself sick, overweight and stressed.

After the birth of my sweet daughter, I decided to take my health into my own hands.

My wife was deep into yoga and we were always into Eastern philosophy and meditation. We decided to try a 21 day detox that ended up...being more. I just couldn’t believe how amazing Ayurveda is. I had grown up with components of it, but never knew the true meaning behind all the food, spices and oils that could quite literally heal until I felt it all myself.

Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old powerful mind-body health systems that is more than a mere system of treating illness. Translated, Ayurveda is a life knowledge (Ayur = life, Veda = science or knowledge).  Not only did I bounce back from illness to the healthiest I had been in years, but I felt amazing.

My Deep Origins company created a brand, Ancient Health Care, which started producing Ayurvedic supplements by supporting a local organic farm in India.

As I started to share these supplements with the world, I realized there was so much more to spreading ancient wisdom that way.

Deep Origins branched out to include other products under our two brands, Project:Yourself and Ancient Explorers. Within these online Consciousness and Explorer stores, Deep Origins carefully curate and select each and every product to have symbolism and link it to awareness of ancient knowledge.

“Their products are powerful,” says Craig Home, a customer who purchased an obsidian Buddha pendant.

Our store items include yoga mats, prayer beads, Buddha statues, musical instruments, energy clearing lamps, intricate blankets, healing oils, Ayurvedic supplements to fashion jewelry,  hip clothing and more. All the items have meaning behind them.

My vision for Deep Origins is more of a community than a marketplace. It allows consumers who value special and unique pieces purchase and then support people who would never really have an opportunity to share with the world.

And every time I have chai now, I find myself back in that local artisan’s shoppe, hearing about his family and village.

Deep Origins strives to curate and sell products that are handmade with impeccable craftsmanship from artisans all around the world, like India, the United States, China and beyond.

Everything we sell links to timeless wisdom. Everywhere we get our items from, we support local communities. We go there personally and meet the farmers, the jewelers, the shop owners. We are more than just a store. This is a movement.

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