Balancing Your Chakras With Yoga Poses & Mantras

This article first appeared in and is written by Andrea Rice


It’s no surprise that with the increasing popularity of yoga in Western culture, that chakras have also come to the forefront as more of a buzzword than lofty New Age ideal. But you don’t always have to hit the yoga studio to work on balancing your chakras — there are many simple poses you can do right at home, to bring more harmony to your energetic body.

It is believed that yoga was originally created around the chakra system for this very purpose. The chakras, Sanskrit for wheels, first appeared in the ancient Hindu texts commonly known as the Vedas.

However, there’s no need to consult ancient Sanskrit texts to understand how the chakras work. Our friends over at Health Perch have provided us with a modern day guide to opening and balancing the chakras, with various yoga poses and mantras. There’s also an easy-to-follow description of each of the seven chakras, beginning with the Root Chakra (Muladhara), if you need a refresher.

chakraInfographic-850x9212Graphic courtesy of Health Perch

Andrea Rice is a writer and yoga teacher based in Brooklyn. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, mindbodygreen and a variety of music magazines. Her teaching style is a blend of her love for music and movement, with emphasis on core awakening and alignment.

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