Back in History, People Believed that Birds Carry Spiritual Messages Similar to Angels — Is This True?

Back in History, People Believed that Birds Carry Spiritual Messages Similar to Angels — Is This True?

When you were a little kid, you maybe thought that God was an omnipotent being, residing in heaven, as well as passing judgment on our worthiness to enter His realm.

Even way back then, you probably wanted to know more about God and spirituality, and so you asked Him how He was present everywhere all of the time. The reply that came back to you was probably surprising enough – birds.

From then onwards, you probably saw birds as the instruments of God. You thought that they delivered news to God about human interactions, on a daily basis. No matter how strange this seems to you, at that time, you were not afraid of them at all. Once you got what you wanted, you just went on with your life as nothing had happened.

And now, when you are all grown up, you are probably no longer convinced that birds are part of the espionage system of God or that He is an almighty being in the clouds. However, now you probably think that birds have a lot of importance in spirituality and that they respond to the changes in our own energies.

Looking back at the history, we can see people that believed that birds do carry spiritual messages and are in ways similar to Angels. Certain traits, as well as characteristics, were attributed to certain birds.

For instance, doves are said to be messengers of peaceful times. On the other hand, crows are seen as signs of bad luck and misfortune. Hummingbirds indicate happiness, while eagles are symbols of the strong and powerful.

Owls are thought to be very wise. In many cultures, birds are used as symbols, and if you do a little more research, you are going to find some symbols connected with almost every bird you can think of.

Birds are often considered sacred as they can soar into the skies and gain knowledge from areas inaccessible to human beings. They are also considered to be containers for souls when they pass on. It is also said that when someone you care about has died, and he or she wants to speak with you, they can ask a bird to carry their soul back to earth.

Also, there are some other creatures like butterflies and dragonflies that serve the same purpose, but people often believe that spotting a bird soon after the death of a person is the dead person communicating with them.

However, this does not imply that the bird is an incarnation of the dead person. It could be, even though mostly it is only their soul being carried by the bird which has permitted them to enter its body.

Besides soul, even angels, as well as some other spiritual beings are carried by birds when they wish to communicate with anyone in the physical realm.

The writer of this article gives an example. When his sister died, a particular pigeon started visiting his house regularly. He did not pay much attention of it in the start as pigeons were always flying around the area, but this one pigeon was unusually pretty and friendly, and it also loved watching him as he was going to work.

He said that he always thought his sister would choose a more exciting bird, but seeing the pigeon come so regularly, he started thinking about what it could mean. Once he opened up his mind to the though, he started getting a lot of indications, both in real life, as well as in his dreams, that his sister was sending him a message.

Even the most ordinary birds can carry some messages from across the veil. History recordings show us that pigeons were first used as messengers as they were intelligent enough to drop off a short note even across many miles. They are also believed to be a sign of love, as well as a message that the person you cared about is happy and well cared for in the afterlife.

So, when some bird gets close to you next, you should focus and try to sense whether they wish to communicate anything to you.