Ayurveda Gaining Popularity In Europe

Ayurveda Gaining Popularity In Europe

Ayurveda has not always been embraced in modern science. But with a shift in the public's preference for integration of modern and traditional medicines, Ayurveda is gaining popularity in many of the European countries, says Martin Mittweda, Director of Academic Studies, European Academy of Ayurveda, Birstein, Germany in a recent interview.

Mittweda, who is also a Sanskrit scholar, told BusinessLine that the European Academy of Ayurveda enrolls 150 students for their masters program in Ayurveda every year from different parts of the E.U. and even the world such as Lativia, New Zealand, Luxembourg, the UK and Sweden among others. The academy also offers courses in Ayurvedic massage, nutritional consultancies, yoga and Ayurvedic psychology. He stated:

Ayurveda is a scientific system and not a belief system. It can be logically explained and this [acceptance] will help for its future growth."

We agree, as the world gains access to more information on integrative health, and how Ayurveda's holistic approach to the whole body is beneficial for the long run vs. short term medical care, then the growth will be a win-win for the world and Ayurveda.

Photo Source and Reference: The Hindu Business Line