Attract Love With These Natural Stones

by Adam Ayer

Attract Love With These Natural Stones

It doesn't matter in which stage you are in the relationship, or even if you are single or married, the experts claim that it is brilliant if you have some extra luck in your pocket.

Many psychologists say that there are a lot of stones which can attract love. If you have this stone by your side, then you will be fulfilled with love.

We are all aware that these stones are not magical, but they contain some energy that influences the people to show their love.

It is already proven that some crystals contain specific energy, that energy was able to attract love.

Another, says that energy is not the one that attracts love directly to you, but it will help you to behave and react on the way that you will share positive and pleasant vibes. That is how the lover is attracted, which is very accurate.

It is the same concept as one of the crystals, which are for pain curing.

Also, we will present to you the crystals which are helping us in enhancing the luck in love.

Rose Quartz

This crystal is used for a beginner's dosage for love for women. With this stone, you will gain unconditional love for you. People using this crystal will increase the energy of peace, kindness, softness, compassion, etc. Another name, which is very popular for this crystal is Heart Stone.

It contains nurturing capability. This means that the stone will help you to feel like you are more protected and fulfilled with joy. That is the perfect combination for attracting love.

Many women wear them as a necklace, or as a ring. Many women wear this stone because it is believed that it will increase self-love and self-confidence.

As a piece of additional information, this stone is not worn only for love between man and woman. Many people wear it for amending broken family relationships. Similar to those with one's siblings, cousins, and even parents. No matter what kind of love you are searching for, wearing this stone will help you to attract it more easily.

Green Aventurine

In case you struggle with bat love, a year, or a more extended period, then you should try this stone. Its name comes from an Italian word 'Venture,' which means by chance.

Many people link pink or red color to love, but the green color here represents the heart chakra.

The energy that this stone spreads, is connected with wealth and success, and also with love.

In contrary to the Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine is the stone that is already famous for the longer and mature phases of a relationship.

Many people use it to eliminate the bitterness and to spread the abundance of love in the atmosphere.


We are all familiar with this stone. Ruby is one of the most expensive stones in the world. The most luxurious one, which is with decades in the past considered as the stone of love.

It spreads energy that will help people to connect.

It is proved that the stone won't influence your heart directly, but this stone directly goes in the root of the heart chakra, and it contains the most powerful energy of all.

The unique energy that this stone spreads is that it arouses sensual vibration and increases the sexual urge,

You can notice when a person wears ruby stone on their self, and they are more self-confident, more like on the higher level on the social scale.

This stone is potent when we are talking about a one-night stand. If you wear a ruby, you can attract people not only for a one-night stand but for your whole life.

Another name for Ruby is the wedding stone because it will make a story for two people. It mostly causes love, similar to the one of love at first sight.

All these stones are precious, with mesmerizing effects. Their primary purpose is not to attract anyone you meet, but to find the right one. When you find the right one, you will have your life fulfilled with love and happiness.

Adam Ayer

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