Astrology says there are 8 Cycles of Life—depending on which planet has the strongest influence at the moment

Astrology says there are 8 Cycles of Life—depending on which planet has the strongest influence at the moment

There is a general understanding of modern astrology, saying that different planets affect different periods of our lives. Because of that, our life can be divided into eight phases, depending on which planet has the most substantial influence at the moment.

1) Until the age of 7:

From our birth until the seventh birthday, we are mostly influenced by the Moon. Moon's main characteristic is sensitivity. This is actually why the role of a planet in this period is crucial.

2) From the age of 7 to 14:

During this time, Mercury has the most significant influence. Because of this, you will have an enormous need to explore yourself, as well as the world around you. You change and find yourself every day in different things. During this period, you are learning specific rules of behavior and communication with other people.

3) From the age of 14 to 21:

The planet Venus has the most prominent influence, and it represents love. This is the reason why this period is connected to exploring your own emotions through different relationships and external appearance.

4) From the age of 21 to 35:

Because of the high influence of Mars, during this period you will find yourself and your essence. Your attitudes, aspirations, and desires will crystallize. Thanks to that, you will manage to set your ‘life goal' and the way you get to it. This is the period in which you will establish yourself in the intimate, as well as in the business plan.

5) From the age of 35 to 42:

In this period of your life, you strive for achieving desired social status. Also, this is a period where you fight significant body changes. This stage is pretty stressful in the life of every person. The Sun usually has the most significant influence.

6) From the age of 42 to 56:

During this period, the planet Jupiter has the more significant influence. It represents making an important decision as a result of substantial physical and spiritual transformations. Meaning, this period with women is associated with menopause and the loss of physical attraction. While in men with a decrease of their sexual power.

7) Form the age of 56 to 70:

The most prominent influence during this period comes from Saturn. It symbolizes growing old, as well as loos of life energy, slowing down of body functions. On the other hand, this is also the period of wisdom.

8) After the age 70:

This is a period which is related to the constant search for the new pleasure of life. This is mostly turning to different spiritual values, as well as family. Such as grandchildren in the first place. During this period, the planet Uranus has the most significant influence.

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