Are We Our OWN Cause and Effect???


Think back to some key points in your life. You have probably had some pretty big things happen to you that shaped who you are today, wouldn’t you say?

Maybe you’ve even done something big and important. Oh, you and I both know that’s true, even though you might like to downplay it, as if you’re not ridiculously special inside.

At what point do you become the cause of something, and cease to be to be the effect? Is there also a point when you cease to cause something, and are affected instead?

Truth be told, the answer lies in the synergy of the two. You can’t have one without the other… and you can’t have the other without the One.

Obviously this is sort of a universal answer that I think that most people, philosophers, scientists, and even religious people could rationally come to as a fundamental law of the cosmos. It cannot be disproven.

To write it tangibly, in short, would sound, I think, something like this.

Every Cause has its Effect; and every Effect has its Cause; Everything happens happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law.

That came from a quote written in the Kybalion, a book on Hermetic Philosophy spanning back to Ancient Egypt and Greece, in the days of the Library of Alexandria. What I’d like to propose here is that by personally embodying this principle, you gain the God-Given Right to be the creator of your life. You are the observer of causes, and the observer of effects. You are the creator of what you decide to Cause, and the creator of what you Effect.

You are affected by the world around you, you become literally moved into cause by your affections.

When you observe the transition of energy from “Someone did something” to “I feel this way” to “Now I do this”, you basically start to active the central portion of your brain, (your higher awareness), to be more aware of your actions in every physical moment. Thus, you become more present, more clear, more focused.

Not only do you become more present, you become a better creator… and who decides what you create? That would entirely depend upon you. You are free to be the cause of the effect of your mind changing.


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