Apple Cider Vinegar and Ayurveda

Apple Cider Vinegar and Ayurveda

Apple cider vinegar has been hitting many health food store shelves recently. Often used for weight loss, apple cider vinegar strongly increases the flow of bile, the fatty, oily substance made by the liver, and stored in the gall bladder to help you digest fats. Since bile is also a fatty oily substance, draining bile from the liver to the small intestine pulls fats out of the blood. Bile is actually one of the main pathways of cholesterol metabolism.

And according to Ayurvedic thought, since the liver detoxifies the blood, bile often contains toxic metabolic by-products. Draining bile thus cleanses the liver, and has a cooling, Pitta pacifying effect on the blood, which can get congested in the spring. Apple cider vinegar, (since it is made with apples), contains malic acid, which is a known liver tonic.

By increasing bile, and stimulating the GI tract, the vinegar softens and hydrates stool. A good stool is a good sign in Ayurveda.

But there's more to it's benefits!

Regarding skin, when put on topically, it softens the skin. And who doesn't want soft skin?

Plus apple cider vinegar can help you come back to earth after too many hours on the computer. In Ayurveda, sour taste is regarded as an emotion, so it grounds the heart.

Have you tried it? Get grounded and reap it's benefits today.