Ancient Technology

Many people today ask themselves from where does today’s technology come from? Rocket’s, Satellites, mobile phones and other high tech devices that became so popular in the 21st century, but where do they originate from? How did mankind acquire such technology?

17 Miles northeast of Jerusalem lies the ancient ruins of the city of Jericho at this location archaeologists have uncovered evidence of settlements dating back to 9000 BC.

According to the Hebrew Bible, Jericho is believed to be where God spoke to Joshua, and instructed him to march around the City walls once every six days with seven priests carrying rams’ horns and followed by the ark of the covenant, the golden chest containing the ten commandments, on the seventh day, under God’s orders Joshua and the Israelites marched around the perimeter of the city one last time but this time, and on that they blew the rams’ horns. The walls of Jericho fell And the city was sacked. To what can we attribute such a happening? Ancient technology?

To religious scholars, the collapse of Jericho’s walls was a miracle and to most modern day scientists and historians, the destruction was probably caused by an earthquake. In the old testament, you see very clear descriptions in Joshua 6 about the Shofar, which is described as a trumpet that was used in the battle of Jericho to actually bring the walls down. The ark of the covenant was believed to be the key, we do not know what that technology was, but there was clearly an association between the ark and the falling down of the walls, and that’s the reason that the ark was sent around the periphery of the city. What we do know is that simple horns cannot have brought down the walls, something else must have occurred. Proof of Ancient technology?

According to astronaut Professor Taylor Wang, the recent research into the field of physical acoustics suggests it is a distinct possibility that the sound of the rams could have been amplified somehow and that the walls could have been brought down with “sound”.


Now when you want to know how powerful sound is or how powerful sound can be you first have to realize that the basic thing that sound is, it is a pressure wave, and it will come down to the amount of energy you put into your sound wave and pressure wave you generate will impact the thing you’re trying to “destroy”. So basically yes, you can make it quite powerful, ’cause you can make a very high amplitude, very large pressures in the sound. Sound does not always have to be heard, it might be at a frequency or amplitude where we no longer hear it as sound, but from a physics point of view, it is still sound because it’s a pressure wave in the air so it can get quite destructive, if you put enough energy into it.

In the second millennium b.C. in the Mediterranean ruled Mycenae. This ancient fortress city dominated much of Southern Greece and incredible fortifications were built here in a style known as cyclopean masonry where huge limestone boulders were fitted tightly together. The term “cyclopean” refers, according to ancient myths– refers to these Mycenaean fortifications were thought to be the work of a strong, one-eyed race of giants known as the cyclopes.

It is a city which people who looked at it said, “only the cyclops could have built this.”The cyclops is, perhaps not by coincidence, a mythical creature So we really are confronted with the fact that people are saying mankind could not have built this. It has to have been something above, or other than man, who has constructed these walls. When we look at this amazing city, we come to the fact that huge blocks of stone were put together in such away that historians and today’s engineers cannot explain how, at that particular part of history, these people could have lifted and placed these huge rocks with the technology known to them at that time, so we have to say that mycenae is definitely beyond human capability of that specific time and that specific period in Greek history, this can be attributed to the presence of Ancient technology.

Ancient Technology – UFO’s.

Mainstream historians claim sightings of these mysterious craft are mostly a 20th-century phenomenon. When we look back into history, unidentified flying objects have been appearing in earth’s skies since the dawn of man. Depictions of flying saucers go back to some of the earliest cave paintings that we know of dating back to 20, 30,000 b.C. All of these painting can be found in Russia, China, Africa, South America and other areas and all of them are incredibly similar if not identical in form, so how can people from across the globe, thousands of years ago, paint almost identical images? According to researchers non of them had direct contact with one another, so is it possible they represented something they saw? Ancient technology? most definitely yes.


You can go back to ancient Sumerian inscriptions from Babylon, and you actually see these discs with wings around them and depictions of people flying in them and you see the same thing in Egypt where you see round discs that have wings coming off them. What you’re dealing with is, most likely, today’s U.F.O.’s. In Central America, Guatemala according to archaeologists the earliest human settlements in this region date back over 14,000 years. In this region we can find numerous ancient artifacts, and among them is this one: The figure of a man lying inside what appears to be the shell of a turtle and according to legend, these are the giant flying turtles which flew around in Guatemala. You can observe that the entire body is aerodynamically fashioned. The extremities are pressed in an aerodynamic fashion against the body of the figure, once again Ancient technology.

What is important to mention is that this culture knew exactly how a turtle looked like, so they did not accidentally make this figure. They are incorporating the figure of a turtle- which is disk shaped and a man inside, but what is really interesting is the shape of the arms and legs of the figure, they are pressed to the body. So in the figure you can distinguish two things, firstly the turtle shaped body, and then you can clearly see the face of a human. So why would these cultures represent in a figure two totally different things? So is it possible that in their frame of reference they were able to use the turtle as the best example of what they might have seen that the gods used to fly around in?

There is a lot of evidence out there on paintings, figurines and written descriptions of flying objects, are manned space flights really a recent phenomenon? Or could the ancient civilizations all over the world have witnessed similar events in their time? What is really interesting is the fact that we today, have almost identical descriptions of these flying objects in the past, and when ancient civilizations describe these “gods” arriving or leaving there was a lot of smoke, a lot of fire, a lot of noise, and the trembling of the ground, and that takes us to the description of a modern day liftoff of a space shuttle where you experience, fire, smoke and trembling of the ground.

When we look at the ancient history of Asia, particularly China, you can find these stories of dragons flying through the air and they make a lot of noise and smoke comes out of them and fire, which is a description of a rocked lifting off today. What is interesting is that according to historians the first emperor of China descended in a fiery dragon, with smoke and fire, and whenever that dragon appeared the earth was quaking and we ask ourselves is this a proof of Ancient Technology? Is it possible that we have in front of us clear evidence of something supernatural that is not human.

One of the most ancient civilization that we have on record, the Sumerian culture has left us evidence of what’s called a Shem. Tthis object looks very similar to a modern-day space capsule that we place on top of a rocket. The Shem is where priests would go into the shem to interact with the gods, or anytime man was ascending or descending from heaven. Without a doubt it is a very interesting term used from a culture dating to around 3800 b.C. And very clearly matches the descriptions of a modern-day rocket.


Sitchin claims that although the word shem – which is used repeatedly in both Sumerian and Akkadian texts – is translated as ‘name’ by orthodox scholars, it in fact refers to a far older derivation which originally implied some form of ‘sky-chamber’. To quote Sitchin himself:

“The Mesopotamian texts that refer to the inner enclosures of temples, or to the heavenly journeys of the gods, or even to instances where mortals ascended to the heavens, employ the Sumerian term mu or its Semitic derivatives shu-mu (‘that which is a mu’), sham or shem. Because the term also connoted ‘that by which one is remembered,’ the word has come to be taken as meaning ‘name.’ But the universal application of ‘name’ to early texts that spoke of an object used in flying has obscured the true meaning of the ancient records.”

Sitchin further describes how the etymology of the term can be traced from ‘sky chamber’ to ‘name’. He also argues that original stone sculptures of gods inside oval rocket-shaped chambers, which were used to venerate them in places remote from their temples, were eventually copied by kings and rulers and their own images placed thereon in order that they could associate themselves with the ‘Eternal Abode’, and have their ‘name’ preserved even if they were only mortal. These objects are what we now refer to as stelae. Sitchin examines the words used for such objects in a number of languages, arguing that they all share common connotations of “fiery stones that rise”. So the question we can ask again, is this possibly proof of Ancient advanced technology? Or as some believe, is it just the human imagination at play?

In 214 b.C., Greeks living in the Sicilian city of Syracuse prepared for an attack by a fleet of Roman warships. Though outnumbered by a superior military force, ancient texts suggest that Syracuse was well-defended by a mysterious and powerful new weapon. Archimedes was able to create this giant mirror and parabolic disc and focus the sun’s rays on the fleet and set these ships on fire. So here we have what would be a primitive kind of death ray that really worked, because today in fact, the military has developed weapons that projects a laser onto a target and destroy it so you cannot help and make a connection to the two things. The question remains how could Archimedes have conceived such a formidable weapon? This weapon that was so far in front of the technological capabilities of that era? Many researchers suggest the inventor may have drawn inspiration from Greek myths written nearly 600 years before the battle of Syracuse, myths that told the stories of gods that brandished cosmic weapons of incredible destructive force and today if you look in the Greek tradition they have a very clear description of Zeus’ thunderbolt, which he was able to point at people or at other things that he wanted to explode, hit the button, and what they described as lightning would come out and create a fierce and terrible explosion.

When these ancient gods, like Zeus, were to come down from the sky in this flurry of thunder and lightning they were perceived as gods simply because people at that era were limited in understanding of technology, they could not describe in a different way what they were seeing.

Is there proof? Ancient technology

Illustration of Lugh’s magic spear by H.R.Millar, published in ”Celtic Myth and Legend” by Charles Squire (1905), and scanned and made available online at [], according to whom it is

Illustration of Lugh’s magic spear by H.R.Millar, published in ”Celtic Myth and Legend” by Charles Squire (1905), and scanned and made available online at [], according to whom it is

Well let’s look at it this way, it really doesn’t matter where you go today and what civilization you talk about you will always hear stories that in ancient times, gods were always able to create thunder and create lightning in a controlled way.
Scattered throughout the Scottish countryside we can numerous ancient ruins, many appear to have been forts or other enclosures dating back thousands of years, what is incredibly interesting is that these ancient structures appear to have been subjected to fire and heat so intense it practically turned the stone structures into glass. It’s a process more scientifically known as “vitrification.” So what explanation can you attribute to this evidence? These structures according to researchers were submitted under analysis and the conclusion is that these structures were heated to over a thousand degrees Celsius in temperature. Conventional fire could not have reached this heat, you needed a sustained burn at a thousand degrees Celsius for prolonged period of time to be able to achieve vitrification.

According to Celtic legend, there once was a God named Lugh, also known as “the shining one,” the sun God, and the God of war. Like the Greek God Zeus, Lugh was said to wield a mighty “magic spear” not unlike the thunderbolts of his Greek counterpart with his weapon he could spit fire and lightning and do great damage and when battle was near, Lugh would draw out his spear, and it roared, and then flashes of fire came out of it, and it tore through the ranks of the enemy. Is this evidence of ancient technology used as weapons? the evidence clearly supports this theory.