Ancient Recipe Turns Cow Urine Into A Shampoo!

Ancient Recipe Turns Cow Urine Into A Shampoo!

This article first appeared in and is written by Simon Carr

A new shampoo has been created – from cow’s urine!

The team behind the controversial product say the pungent ingredient is loaded with vitamins and minerals – and is an impressive cleaning agent.

Q Shampoo is the brainchild of six students at the University of Reykjavik and they say it harnesses a cosmetic secret that has been used by generations of Icelandic beauties.

Co-creator Anton Reynir Hafdisarson said: “Despite the critics, some people will think it exciting and want to give it a try.

“Icelandic history tells us that girls used to mix urine into their washing water to clean and beautify their hair.

“We hope there will be more fans than there are people who simply think the idea is disgusting.”

The name comes from the Icelandic word for cow – kyr – which sounds like the letter q when spoken.

The entrepreneurs say ammonia is the cleaning agent which is found naturally in most animal urine and the odour is improved with coconut and sunflower oil.

Mr Hafdisarson said: “Some people think there is a slight whiff of urine in the soap.

“But that might just be because they know what’s in the product.

“We think it is not noticeable.

“We are already in contact with various shops to market Q Shampoo and we hope that international markets will also be interested.”

He added that a soap line was being considered and that he personally used the products.

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