Can Ancient Alien Electromagnetism Heal Modern Disease?

by Puja Shah June 18, 2014

albert einstein

Albert Einstein might be turning in his grave at the new concept of using electricity instead of drugs to treat disease.  “Finally!” he might be saying.

 How does it work?

Stanford Assistant professor Ada Poon’s interdisciplinary research team found how to use today’s technology to transmit power in organs like the heart and brain.

The real crux of this discovery involves a new way to control electromagnetic waves inside the body.

Electromagnetic waves permeate our universe.

You may find them in radio towers, microwave ovens or even in your wireless electric toothbrush every morning.

Green magentic waves

Historically, there was a clear divide between the two main types of electromagnetic waves in everyday use, which are called far-field and near-field waves.

Far-field waves, such as those that broadcast from radio towers, can travel over long distances. But when they encounter biological tissue, they are said to just reflect off the body harmlessly or get absorbed by the skin as heat.

Near-field waves can be safely used in wireless power systems like the hearing implant. The problem is they can only transfer power in short distances so cannot go deep into the body.

Poon decided to shake things up a bit.

By blending the safety of near-field waves with the reach of far-field waves, she was able to discover that these waves travel differently when they come into contact with different materials such as air, water or biological tissue.

For instance, she said that when you put your ear on a railroad track, you can hear the vibration of the wheels long before the train itself because sound waves travel faster and farther through metal than they do through air. So using this principle, she designed a power source that generated a special type of near-field wave.

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This new wave when moved from air to skin, actually changed its characteristics, just like the train track. She called this new method mid-field wireless transfer.

She took it further and using her mid-field transfer system in the experiment, she sent power directly to tiny medical implants. So with tiny batteries in these microimplants, one can recharge these batteries wirelessly using her mid-field system. This was never done before with today’s technology.

So…Is this realy today’s technology?! Could this knowledge have been passed down from the ancients? From aliens?

Mayan pyramid in Chichen-Itza, Mexico

Electromagnetism and it’s power isn’t a new concept.

As archaeologists and scientists track the breakthroughs and discoveries that have occurred throughout history and that have led to the concepts and principles that make up modern electromagnetic theory, one that stands out is Mayan Pyramid of Kukulkan at Chichen Itza has a sawtooth wave-form built into its architecture.

Graham Hancock says that electromagnetic radiation has been around since the birth of the universe; light is its most familiar form. Electric and magnetic fields are part of the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, which extends from static electric and magnetic fields, through radiofrequency and infrared radiation, to X-rays.

Hancock goes on to say that through written history, it appears that many of the concepts now familiar in Electromagnetic, (EM), theory were explored and developed during a time when many modern high-tech investigative and detection tools and methods did not exist.

But is it possible that the ability to manipulate the particles and waves of the EM spectrum was discovered and developed even earlier than written history suggests?

Slovakian researcher Dr. Pavel Smutny states, “If we see plans for the Valley temple at Sphinx, or of the Mortuary temple at Chaphre’s pyramid, or the Mortuary temple at Menkaure pyramid, or also of Osereion from Abydos, to a person familiar with the basics of computer techniques, or even better to person experienced with construction of microwave circuits in bands above 1 Gigahertz (GHz), he will tell you that these plans are schemes of PCBs (boards for electronic circuits). These plans look like schemes of electronic circuits working on quite high frequencies above 1 GHz, with use of so called components with distributed (spread) parameters. These components are of such sort, that the top conductive layer is formed to various shapes, which work as inductors, capacitors, resistors, filters, resonators, or have similar functions. Advantages of so produced circuits are very good functions and low losses on high frequencies. Not so different from classical electronic circuits with use of discrete components as began to be produced in the 1980s, in at that time superior high frequency devices.”


So, perhaps these patterns and temple layouts are more than meets the eye as representations of remnants from long lost science, which could be the true original source of technology such as EM waves manipulation.

Nicola Tesla is most famous for conceiving the rotating magnetic field principle known as alternating current, allowing for the current long-distance electrical transmission system. Not only that,  interestingly enough, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where he stayed from May 1899 until early 1900, Tesla made what he regarded as his most important discovery: terrestrial stationary waves.

Through this discovery he proved that the Earth could be used as a conductor and would be as responsive as a tuning fork to electrical vibrations of a certain frequency. He also lit 200 lamps without wires from a distance of 25 miles (40 kilometers) and created man-made lightning, producing flashes measuring 135 feet (41 meters). At one time he was certain he had received signals from another planet in his Colorado laboratory, a claim that was met with skepticism in some scientific journals.

Skeptic or not, it seems that we are now seeing the power of ancient knowledge in the form of electromagnetic waves to possibly heal via Poon’s discovery. Something science would have scoffed at many moons ago…but perhaps actually existed centuries ago… on another moon itself.

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Puja Shah
Puja Shah


Puja Shah is a philanthropist and visionary poet who shares her voice with us through written and spoken word, guided meditations, and teaching. She reaches out to community health clinics and provides international outreach to women and children around the world.

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