Thanksgiving Anxiety Disorder: How To Eliminate The Holiday Stress

Thanksgiving Anxiety Disorder: How To Eliminate The Holiday Stress

American Thanksgiving Anxiety” disorder is a term introduced by psychologists, which appears when people are preparing for the special holiday.

As symptoms of this disorder, you can notice stress around the preparation of the meals or fear from a huge argument at the table.

One girl, Susan Kirchoff, who lives in Coachella Valley, told us that for Thanksgiving, she would serve the best coffee according to her. It is a big holiday so everyone will be busy.

As Kirchoff explained, she will do two turkeys in two different ways. The first one will be in fried Cajun style, and the second one will be roasted; also, she will serve yams, green beans, mash potatoes, stuffing, etc.

Susan’s to-do list is very long, but she is not as stressed as the rest of the Americans.

A psychologist in Palm Desert, Dr. Dan Watson, claims that there are specific reasons for the stress that the holiday causes.

One reason is that we are meeting with people who we haven’t seen. The second reason is money. People are spending a lot of money on making presents and making dinners.

The best stress relief is to think that sooner or later, the dinner will come to an end.
The previous sentence means that the guests won’t be here tomorrow, and you won’t be affected all of your life. News outlets presented that the members of one family with divided political views will have shorter dinner time this year.
According to psychologists, this holiday is meant to fill all the people with love. Beliefs cannot be changed in a couple of hours.

So, to prevent an argument at the table, people can just say ‘I hope it works out,’ and everyone will be happy. Thanksgiving holiday is for the whole family. People should be joined together; it is not meant to split the family members into two or three different sides.

Here is some advice from us: keep the table talk on a neutral level. You can talk about success, graduations, vacations, funny stories, memories from the past. Remove politics and religion out of the table talk during the Thanksgiving holiday.
Additional information: Kirchoff and her family will have a karaoke party right after the dinner.

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