Align and Clear your Chakras with Blue Kyanite — A High Vibration Crystal

Align and Clear your Chakras with Blue Kyanite — A High Vibration Crystal

One of the most widespread colors of Kyanite Crystals is the Blue Kyanite, and it is the easiest to find. One of the most crucial characteristics of the Kyanite crystals is the ability to bring the chakras aligned, all of them.

It owns a kind of energy, and if people give directions with their thoughts, the result will be even better. They will simply achieve better alignment. Kyanite will help you with the healing process. You will enrich yourself with spiritual and psychic power and gifts. These crystals don’t absorb and accumulate the negative vibrations so that you won’t need a cleansing process. Its quality is even better for aligning the chakras.

If you own this kind of crystal, the alignment of your chakras will be effortless. There are different colors of Kyanite, and each of them owns a different type of power. You need to use them wisely and appropriately. But no matter what the color is, they represent a high crystal that will align the chakras. Mostly they are used in meditation. As a result of their usage, you will gain a calm mind and get into a deep and relaxed state. Precisely that state of mind is required for entirely comfortable meditation.

Each color has its chakras for healing, and for that, the crystal is the best. The name of the crystals originates from the Greek word that signifies ‘blue,’ although they come in various colors.

Why use it?

As we previously said, it represents a crystal with intense energy. Each of these crystals, no matter what color is it, is linked with the third eye chakra. Another usage is for the healing of the throat chakra. It works in a way that will open the throat chakra. This move will improve your communication and self-expression. Another benefit is linked with your dreams, you can recall them, and it will heal your dreams.

Benefits from using the crystal

Kyanite will spread your spiritual honesty and improves its flow through your body and mind. If you are thinking of how to align your chakras, this stone is your solution. Also, you can connect with your guardian spirit. If you are looking for a better connection with higher guidance, Kyanite will help you by making contact with your spirit guide. One piece is enough to align your chakras and to connect with your guide because they work very fast. You will see improvement with your communication, and you will only speak your truth. You can use this crystal in meditation. Use it at the heart chakra.

You can put it on every part of your body if you lay, but if you sit, you can hold it in the center of your body. You will notice immediately how the energy moves and flows through your body. If something is running throughout your body, it is cleaning you from negative energy. When you are into the meditation, place it in one place and hold it as much as you think it is necessary. Your intuition will tell you when it is enough so that you can leave the crystal. When you are meditation and holding this crystal, it will open your third eye. That means it will improve clairvoyant gifts, telepathy, and different psychic abilities. You will reach your higher spiritual realms very quickly because of its gentle and balanced energy.

Our Chakra healing kyanite will will focus the Universal Life Force on your efforts to be strong and resist the temptation that has caused you harm. Get yours today!