The Great Philosopher Alan Watts: We Are All God, and This Is All One Big Game

The Great Philosopher Alan Watts: We Are All God, and This Is All One Big Game

Although God loves playing hide and seek, there is, in fact, nothing outside of him, so that he has to play only with himself. However, he manages to get over this hardship as he pretends that he isn’t himself. In this way, God hides from himself. Also, he will pretend that he actually is every person in this world, every animal, plant, rock, or star.

In this particular way, he has wonderful and strange adventures, and some of them are even frightening and terrible. However, these are only like some bad dreams, and when he simply wakes up, these bad dreams will disappear.

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When he plays hide and seek, and he pretends to be someone else, it will take him a very long time in order to remember who he is and where he is. However, that is the entire fun of all that – which was his intention.

He isn’t interested in finding himself quite quickly, because that is going to spoil his game. That’s why we, human beings, find it hard to discover that every one of us is God in disguise that pretends not being himself. However, when this game lasts longer, we are all going to wake up, and stop pretending, remembering that every one of us is a single self – God is everything that exists, and everything that lives forever.

We are probably going to ask ourselves why God usually tends to hide in the bodies of horrible individuals or will pretend to be someone that suffers great pain and disease. We should remember that God does this only to himself, and not to anyone else. We should also remember that in every story, there are good and bad people, so that the story could be funny, and show us how good people can get everything better existing in those who are bad. This is just like playing cards. In fact, at the start of the game, we will shuffle all the cards into a mess, just like everything bad in this world, but as the game’s point would be to put that mess into a great order, the one that will do it best and will be the fastest would also be the winner. After that, we are going to shuffle those cards again, and we will play again. This is what happens with this world.