After Spending Days Building A Mandala, Monks Destroy It in Hours

After Spending Days Building A Mandala, Monks Destroy It in Hours

The Mandala represents the world in its divine form. The meaning of the Mandala is the balanced life, designed precisely, to heal earth’s inhabitants. It means more than a picture. Sand Mandalas are a creation made with enormous dedication.

It takes more than a million pieces of sand to make only one mandala, five in five feet large. Several monks are working in a team a few days, and even several weeks. The time required depends on the size of the Mandala. They represent the interplay of vivid colors and some ancient symbols.

The process of making mandalas is based on placing pieces of sand one after another in precise colors, to create the symbol they have planned. The meaning behind this creation is to stimulate people and citizens to meditate and raise awareness of things that are larger than their small worlds.

Once the Mandala is entirely over, the monks pray over them, and after the prayer, they destroy them. The process of destruction is made by sweeping it up until every piece of sand is destroyed. After this process, the sand is thrown into the ocean, to bless the whole world. They are dedicated so much in this work. All that effort to see its destruction…

If you are not clear why this is done, we will reveal it to you.

The monks destroy the mandalas because its message is that ‘nothing is permanent’. All things in life are temporary, beautiful, but ephemeral, moving, but temporary. They are a plateau and not a summit. As the monks say, everything is in flux. And they are here to give a balance and enlightenment and the fulfillment of the Divine image. Many people think that their actions will last permanently. Nothing is permanent. Neither is world domination, and the sense of power and status — not even the specialty of the people in the word, the comfort that we have.

The Buddhist missionary transmits us a message, and it means that nothing is permanent. Neither our life, everything comes and goes. It would be best if you lived for reality and at this moment right now. Enjoy in your life, in the job, in the cost of living and in everything you see. Just live the moment.

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