How to Activate Your Superhuman Powers

How to Activate Your Superhuman Powers

This video shows how you can use ancient and modern techniques to bend reality and “hack” your life. Manifest anything you want TODAY by activating your superhuman powers.

Join Amish Shah in this training session and take a look into the powers behind “reality hacks’ used by visionaries, trendsetters, game changers that allow them to shape the world around them. And learn how every positive force, natural phenomenon, and “law” is contained within the 9 levels of the Sri Yantra.

Want to learn more about the ancient, inner workings of the sacred Sri Yantra?

We designed a course for you to explore your heart, mind, and soul within a nine level training series based on the power of an ancient symbol, the Sri Yantra, which represents all the facets of divinity / the creative energy of the Universe. In order to accomplish life changing results, the Project:Yourself program combines all of the five senses and your sense of intuition as a deeper means to investigate the ancient and modern teaching of the Sri Yantra. In each of the nine sessions, we take the five senses inward and tap into infinite power and true abundance. We challenge you to alter your current life situation and project a much greater one into existence!