According to NASA Scientists, Alien Search Should be More Dynamic

According to NASA Scientists, Alien Search Should be More Dynamic

Is our planet visited by some aliens from the space? Many people believe that it is, even though several of those people are some scientists.

The professional researchers, in fact, are not so easily convinced by the testimonies of some eyewitnesses, blobby pictures or even claims which say that there is evidence for the wandering aliens which is hidden by some insecure government.

Simply said, academia does not accept or believe in much of those constant claims which state that a number of those UFOs which are sighed annually are, in fact, alien craft. However, there was one of those scientists that recently suggested that the clipboard-carrying crowd has to be less sure.

His name is Silvano Colombano, and he is a computer expert, as well as roboticist at the Ames Research Center of NASA, situated in the center of the Silicon Valley.

Also, he has been the presenter at one conference which was about some new approaches and proposal in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence or SETI which was held earlier in 2018 at the SETI Institute in Mountain View, in California. The scientist said that the skeptical viewpoints of most of the researchers could be too restricted.

He pointed out that there is an assumption. Namely, aliens are, in fact, biological and they also require a quick transit between the star systems in order to prevent dying en route. After all, the small problem has been the motivation for the fictional wrap drive of Star Trek.

But, there all this could also be repaired: Getting rid of the intelligence which dies. Every person that is from this era will know that the artificial intelligence thing is one the road. Finishing the 21st century, there is a possibility a machine will be the smartest and most intelligent thing on the planet.

As most of the star systems, in fact, come billions or more years before ours, we can imagine that some smart beings and inhabitants exist there and they relegated the biological brains in history books for a long time about, and also homes to some compact, and small thinking hardware.

Colombano claims that according to the presence of some elements which are probably involved in our lives’ origins, it will be reasonable to assume that the lives ‘as we actually know them’ were simply a starting point, and that form of the life, as well as intelligence can only be a small first step when it comes to continuing the evolution which may produce some other forms of life and intelligence, superior to ours, without being based on the carbon ‘machinery.’

One obvious and quite good advantage of the non-carbon machinery will be that we will not be given short lifetimes. Sophisticated devices may also self-repair themselves. They will also go longer distances as they will not be in a constant hurry to arrive at the desired destination.

Also, this can have a deep consequence. For 4 or more billion years, our planet trundles around the sun. That is actually more than the time needed to come to the planet Earth with a NASA rocket. If passengers don’t really mind to spend so many years in some small seat, they can do that.

So, the conclusion from all this could be that there is a possibility that alien intelligence made a decision to actually come to the solar system of the planet Earth and check off the Earth’s bucket list. This does not mean that doing that will violate and harm physics. All this could have occurred 100 million or even billion years ago, so, we wouldn’t have been aware of that.

However, the most appealing and interesting thought for a lot of people is the one that we were visited by alien life. Scientists consider such suggestions as an interest only when some observation corroborates them. The bright and interesting ideas are always nice, but what rules is evidence.

The suggestion of Colombano is that the large computers should be applied in order to find the needed evidence among all those numberless sightings of UFOs.