Accepting Change

Accepting Change


Isn’t it amazing how things can change in the blink of an eye? How one situation can suddenly alter the rest of our lives?

Most of us dread change, we like the routine of daily life, we love being in our comfort zones. And if anything that tried to disrupt that, we tend to push it away.

But should we be resistant? How can we accept change?

Change is inevitable, as it is part of our normal lives. Some changes are more noticeable than others, it all depends on the impact it has on our lives and for us to re-evaluate our choices, decisions and even the values that we hold so close to our hearts

In Buddhism, one of its great teachings is the realization of Sunyata or the “state of emptiness.” In Mahayana Teachings, emptiness is considered as a quality of the universe. It is the standpoint of enlightenment in which one emancipates themselves from the dissatisfaction of occurrences, and the attachment to the material world which in turn leads to enlightenment.

It is said that achieving the state of Sunyanta is an extremely difficult feat as it takes many years of practice and study by an impartial mind.

The realization that the world should be empty of self or anything pertaining to self makes us realize that the trivial things we cling on to is inconsequential and thus makes change an easier concept to grasp.

In the Buddhist Culture, one symbol that is commonly used to represent emptiness is the skull. If you find yourself in need of a reminder, try our Hollow Back Lace Skull Cardigan to feel the power of the skull guide you into embracing the change you’ve been fearing.

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 Written By Angela Viernes, Edited By Puja Shah