A Program That Meditates For You

Brain waves

The future of robots and flying machines is not too far off. We may just be living in a Jetsons world sooner than we think with all the advancements in technology recently.

Google announced a self driving car, there are devices that can actually read for you and even…programs that meditate for you.

The company Zen12 says they have figured out how to take the hassle out of meditation. Each 12-minute session brings the benefit of an hour’s advanced meditation.

It uses special audio MP3s that help induce a deep state of meditation.

The program uses ‘brainwave’ sounds to meditate for you. That means you don’t have to actively try to quieten your mind, stop fidgeting, or focus only on the meditation. And you don’t have to reschedule your day. Each session lasts just 12 minutes, and you only need to meditate a few times a week to reap the rewards. Just sit back and hit play.

Sounds super easy right? But does it have the same benefits?

There’s over 100 years of science in each MP3. The technology is called brainwave entrainment to help induce a super-deep state of relaxation. It involves using tiny audio pulses to influence your brainwave patterns, guiding you down into a deep state, while you remain awake.  Brainwave entrainment is an area of science that has been researched and proven for over 100 years.

zenMost recently, “A Study of Brainwave Entrainment Based on EEG Brain Dynamics” by Dr. Tianbao Zhuang concluded that Brainwave Entrainment can increase your focus and concentration, increases memory performance, increases creativity and problem solving ability, enhances sleep and ease of getting to sleep, enhances health, accesses your intuition and provides relaxation and stress reduction.



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