A Mysterious Fireball Crashing To Earth

A Mysterious Fireball Crashing To Earth

There have been many stories written about the apocalypse or the end of human civilization. It often focuses on man’s struggle to avoid annihilation

Apocalyptic stories are unique because there is no historical event to use as a reference.

Howard Gowan, an amateur photographer, amazingly caught on clip a rare ‘fireball’ crashing to Earth. “I’m in an assisted living facility and attached to it is a six-story penthouse tower with a 360-degree view that I have access to,” he said.

Image: Penn News

The 75-year old shared the footage online to see if someone had any answers. Shocked by it, he said it stirred up people’s curiosity and got them to talk.

The man who lives in Florida thought he had actually caught a meteor which he feared was crashing straight to our planet.

“I have a friend from the UK, Patrick Rooney, and he picked it up and said something about how it was a meteor,” said Mr. Gowan.

He added, “I feel so good that it did stir all this excitement – and it was exciting because it’s something you don’t normally see and I was the lucky one who got to share it.”

However, a spokesperson for NASA said, “it’s a jet contrail, illuminated by the rising sun. The two tails are a dead giveaway.”

This eased fears and said people shouldn’t be planning for Armageddon just yet.

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