A Love That Lasts

A Love That Lasts


Love, a four-letter word that can make a huge difference in someone’s world. You’ve probably witnessed people whose lives have changed when love found them; but after all the excitement and bliss it brings lays low, how do we keep the flame alive?

Here are a few reminders on how you can keep your relationship healthy and thriving:

Swallow your pride: Ever had a couple’s fight about something as trivial as maybe putting down the toilet seat after use? In the end, you end up with a bad day and a bad mood. It can be worth it to swallow your pride in those heated moments. We don’t always have to determine who’s right or wrong, as a couple the goal is both be on the same page and work together to strengthen your relationship.

Communicate: Picture this:  It’s late at night and he’s not yet home. You’re worried sick - a million dreadful scenarios run through your mind. Suddenly, the door opens and in he comes, drunk after a night out with his office buddies. Upset, you let him sleep on the couch and go to sleep in your bed alone. The following day, you may give him the silent treatment, as he wonders what he did wrong.

Communication is an important means to get your point across. Tell your loved one how you felt the that whole time you were waiting up for him is a more open and honest way to approach the situation. It allows for compromise, vulnerability and truth which in turn leads to a deeper bond. 

Reassurance and Trust:  “The best proof of love is trust.” Trust is the pillar of a loving and lasting relationship. It’s completely normal to fear when it comes to love. But allowing yourself to let go and love is also learning to to trust not only your partner, but trust yourself as well. It’s wonderful to reassure your partner that trusts you too, in the actions and words you choose on a daily basis.  

These things are important to keep the relationship open and healthy, but the big key word to lasting love? Compromise! There is always a way to work things out.

In ancient Chinese culture, there are two highly regarded animals that is symbolic of eternal love, The Dragon and the Phoenix.These two symbols make up the Yin and Yang which is known as the perfect energy or Feng Shui. With the dragon being a magnanimous, ambitious and romantic and the Phoenix being independent, warm hearted and wise, when coupled together, they are deemed to be a perfect example of a long and lasting relationship.

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