A Hindu Monk Explains How To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind — Is There a Way to Change Subconscious Patterns?

A Hindu Monk Explains How To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind — Is There a Way to Change Subconscious Patterns?

Our subconscious mind is actually similar to the unseen piece of an iceberg that remains somewhere underwater.

There are some who believe that over 95% of the mental activity of a person occurs in his or her subconscious, which is below the person’s conscious awareness. The ‘underwater’ piece of our mind is active all the time, collecting, as well as processing information and details even at times when we sleep.

As this can be a debatable model for scientists, the sages, as well as those that are devoted to some personal improvement and development know for a long time that such mind areas are actually programmable with some conscious intentions, which is a process that may be easily achieved using mantra and affirmation.

Mantras were used as spiritual tools by the monks in the eastern cultures and traditions, and they were mostly utilized together with some prayer beads. This is a kind of meditation which has a well-understood value by some practitioners, even though it is hard to quantify. The means it uses are simple but also powerful in the process of making the coming of some wanted optimistic outcomes in one’s personality, as well as beliefs, habits and also emotions.

According to Christina Sarich, a mantra is a specialized and characteristic grouping of vibrations and sounds which have some positive impacts on the psychological, and also the mental planes. Even though we may like to remove some thought patterns consciously, they may be hard to dislodge as they are actually formed in the levels of our subconscious. So, this is the area in which mantra may be quite helpful and effective.

Speaking about the work of this process, one international speaker, as well as a Hindu priest, named Danapani, explained how the mantras are, in fact, similar to the affirmations in the way they are working in order to reprogram our subconscious mind.

After that, in one interview, the priest answered the question about why some simple and concentrated sound repetition can bring a lot of positive and beautiful changes in the behavior of a person so powerfully.

He said that people often say those are prayer beads, however, they are something more like mantra beads or affirmations. He stated that people use them in order to program their subconscious. So, when chanting on each of the beads, a person can chant affirmation, saying he or she is happy, and confident, repeating the same thing all the time, and there exist actually 108 beads.

However, there is something more than simply repeating some phrases 108 times, and according to him, there are only three necessary ingredients: clear visualization, corresponding feeling and concise choice of positive words.

In order to clarify the object that is in focus, our mind will need an extremely significant process, and that is visualization. For example, if you are chanting about loving strawberries, your brain is going to be confused and not precise with the word strawberries, but, when a much clearer image of the strawberries is in visualized in front of you together with a mantra, you will not be confused.

When it comes to a corresponding feeling, the priest explained how a feeling is an emotion and how emotion is, in fact, energy.

The priest also said that every single thing is created of energy which vibrates at its frequency. A person believes that if his or her subconscious is full with some vibrating patterns on some frequency, by going into his or her subconscious, as well as creating some patterns, the person can attract some things which have similar nature as he or she has.

This combination of the effect that applying has, then visualization, as well as an emotion for creating some positive changes, can actually override the subconscious mind’s contents.

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