The 9 Ancient Beauty Secrets of Ayurveda

The 9 Ancient Beauty Secrets of Ayurveda

The first time I read Dr. Pratima Raichur's book on Ayurveda and beauty, I was blown away. Ayurveda is for sure one of the first to adopt the mantra "beauty comes from within".  

As a 5,000 year-old ancient science, it is known for its balancing properties. It supports digestion, optimized energy and treats individuals according to their dosha or the body's constitution. So when it comes to beauty, it's no different.


The first beauty tip is to know your dosha.

Each body type is different as is each skin type. People who are Vata have skin that is thin, dry, fine-pored, delicate and wrinkle prone, those who are Pitta have skin that is susceptible to rashes, breakouts, and rosacea if out of balance; and then there is Kapha individuals whose skin is thicker and oilier, prone to enlarged pores, blackheads, pimples, and eczema.


The second secret is remember the seasons.

Even if you know your dosha, there are different seasons that change how our skin react. For instance, if someone is more Vata, they will have to balance Pitta during the heat of the summer. Our climate is a significant energetic input. Next tip may sound unusual if you have never done it . . . use oils and flours on the face. Something like coconut oil as a moisturizer is cooling in nature, and not too heavy. Even ghee works, (clarified butter), especially for dark circles under the eyes. There's also castor oil for the very dry individuals. And if you are super oily, you can absorb your facial oil with chickpea flour as a mask.

Exfoliate but with sugar not salt.

Sugar helps boost cell turnover and retains moisture, and it's considered cooling (not heating). It's also great to mix it with rejuvenating herbs and botanicals such as rose petals for a facial scrub. Rose water as a toner after exfoliation is also wonderful, plus smells heavenly.


This tip sounds rich: Take a bath in milk.

Full-fat milk or cream-based masks are wonderful for soothing and cooling irritated or inflamed skin. Adding milk or cream to your bath will also soothe and nourish your skin. And if you're vegan or allergic, coconut milk has similar properties.

Trouble spots? Ayurveda says to spot your face's trouble areas with neem. It works wonders and it's drying and similar to how tea tree oil works but more cooling.

The next tip is to drink some aloe vera.

You can even add it by dabbing some on the face. It makes the skin smooth, supple and younger looking. But even drinking it daily can make you look younger. The last secret is to apply oil . . . everywhere. Abhyanga, an Ayurvedic massage done with warm massage oil, not only deeply moisturizes but after you do it, you'll look and feel more radiant.  Oil your hair as well to reap benefits for strong, healthy locks.  

However, the biggest secret and key to beauty in Ayurveda though is to connect with your bliss.

Deepak Chopra once said, Nothing is more important than reconnecting with your bliss. Nothing is as rich. Nothing is more real.