7 Tips For A Long Distance Relationship

7 Tips For A Long Distance Relationship


1. Change up the ways you communicate

If you have been together for awhile now, then you have already probably gotten into the groove of what works for you in regards to communication. Evening skype or morning texts. Well even if so, change it up. There are so many apps available nowadays, try something new. Maybe send a voice message over WhatsApp. Send a video on Facebook. Do something different and see how sweet the surprise will feel to both of your usual and separate routines.

2. Plan visits stat

Obviously the hardest part? Being apart. If it has been a long time since you have seen eachother, be sure you schedule time together and then when you are together, book the next visit right then and there. It make saying good bye easier since you know when the next time you will meet again is.

Exchanging thoughtful gifts is an easy way to show you care. If you’ve never sent your partner anything when you’re apart, make 2017 the year that you give it a shot. Whether you send a handwritten love note for no reason at all or a curated playlist full of their favourite tracks to brighten up their bad day, your partner is sure to appreciate the gesture.

4. Skype date

Have a dinner date over skype at your home tables. Maybe even make the same meal together over Skype and then put on some music you both love and light candles at the table. Enjoy a glass of wine and eat together as if you are in person, enjoying the meal together. If that doesn’t work for your time zones, then try a different video date night idea. Maybe a movie on the couch together or even a walk.

5. Go somewhere new

If you are used to visiting your home cities during your meetings, then try something else. Go to a new city you both have never been to together for a trip or weekend. It is always fun to get away and why not with the person you love!

6. Plan the move

Ulitmately you want ot live in the same place. So no matter where you are i nyour relationship, if you are getting towards the serious mark, get ideas out for how that will happen. Where you both see yourselves and what plans need to occur.

And remember through the distance, that when you have love, you can do anything together!