7 New Year’s Day Rituals For Greater Love, Abundance And Wellbeing

7 New Year’s Day Rituals For Greater Love, Abundance And Wellbeing

I wish you to have prosperity, good health, a healthy relationship, and a lot of happiness in the new year. Resolutions that are old school are general and vague and sound like lose weight and be healthy. But mainly, we don’t set some ambitious goals, some things that we want to feel and to experience and to live them. And even less, we tent to accomplish the plan and to make an effort to make it happen.

This is the reason why many people quit on their plans right before they see the result out of it. We present to you the powerful rituals that will make you feel different and act differently. The only thing you should do is, to be honest with yourself and find what you really, sincerely want.

1. What do you want?

Before you even start with the eleven days’ ritual, you need to place your hand on your heart and confess to yourself, what is the thing that you want the most.
We are not looking for the things that you wish for every new year. But, for the things that you want. It is money, what figure of money you want.

Maybe you want only happiness or a hew house with lots of rooms? Or you may seek for true love, or to get off the dead-end-date carousel? We can’t tell you what you want, that decision is on you, and no one should influence it. But if you don’t have a special wish, one that is above all others, you won’t even get it.
First, you must find it, then to make it your priority. After these steps, you can expect to become real.

2. Expose your dreams to music.

The thing you need to do is to make a playlist. Either that speaks or sings, to the vibrations that you try to create. If you are interested in money, you must make a playlist that transmits a vibe like we have a million dollars. If you want love, fill your playlist with songs that make us heart pound.

The primary purpose of this trick is to keep yourself motivated. When we are motivated, our goals will be more easily achievable. Once you feel like you are losing your motivation, change the playlist, and find other songs.

3. Create your plan.

This is not a typical ritual because it is not that spiritual. The practice is its theme. If you want success, a plan is the most important thing. Once you make an appropriate plan, and you must follow it. People should let the Universe leads us. Don’t take the control in your hands.

But, if you give the control to the Universe, don’t confuse it with being passive. People cannot control the results of everything, but they must give the effort needed for the work to be done. Let the Universe do its job with the outcome.
The first thing that you need in your plan is your goal. The aim that you try to achieve must be your ‘big goal’ or your dream.

Once you find your dream, split it into a couple of small steps. Maybe you will cut it on three of four months, so you can check what have you accomplished. Each quarter, or every three months, write what you should accomplish. Once you do this, you will break these into even smaller chunks, all until the last piece, and until the very first step. You will divide the steps until you come to every day.
If you meditate, you may have to stand up earlier for a couple of minutes. If your goal is some fit body, you may have to work out more. If your goal is a healthier and better relationship, you may book a couple of trips around the world.

Achieving your goals with a planned schedule, it is an absolute success. You just have to be disciplined and wait for the outcome, one you do your job.
Be consistent.

4. Create an affirmation that’ll help you to reach your goals.

Once you find your statement, the one that will motivate you, and will give you support, you will have the needed self-esteem, and you will achieve your goal.
You will become more motivated and physically more capable of doing the job.
You will start with the words ‘I am,’’ then the sentence should include what you want.
One sentence should sound like: "I am financially stable, and I have more money at the end of the week than I spend.’’
"I am healthy and make good choices for my body,’’ Maybe the phrase "I am in love" will help you to achieve your goals. Or, if you already have a relationship, you can motivate yourself with the sentence "I’m in a healthy and fulfilling relationship." All these sentences and motivational phrases are our suggestions, but you can choose your own. Maybe you have something that is already proved to be helpful.

5. Make some space in your life.

You can see what is around you. Reexamine your current environment. Does it make your dreams come true? For example, you want to have a healthy lifestyle, but when you see what is in your fridge, you will see it full of junk food.

You want to increase your savings, but when you look at your bag, you will see a list filled with items that you don’t need. All these kinds of stuff are now the property of the old you. You will see improvement once you eliminate all the junk food from your fridge and replace them with vegetables and fruits. Better you will get on the surface once you throw that list full of items that you don’t need, and instead of them, you will write some essential staff.

6. Make space in your brain.

When you want to clear your mind, the perfect option is meditation. It will help you to clean your mind, eliminate all the toxic information, and you will realize that some people you don’t even need.

The thought that preoccupies your brain needs to be eliminated. Once you have positive thoughts and a clear mind, you will function better. When you accomplish this step, you will notice the improvements.

7. Go step by step, every day.

If you follow the previously mentioned steps, you will enrich yourself with a lot of energy. Once you have the strength and energy, you will be more motivated and more dedicated to your work.

The things that you can do today, you should never leave them for tomorrow.
Go according to your plan step by step, every day through the whole eleven days.
But, if you can’t do a thing in one day, you can just pick one action and do it.
With this eleven-days plan, you will undoubtedly reach success. Once you accomplish your dreams and goals, you can share your story with others.

You should bear in mind that the first step is always the hardest. We hope that this article was highly beneficial for you. Have a prosperous New Year!