6 Ways To Get Smarter Every Day

6 Ways To Get Smarter Every Day

We might be under the impression that the level of intelligence is fixed and something that has been set when we were young. Research shows that the things we do to feed and exercise our brains can improve our mental capacity, helping us get smarter every day. 

Here are 6 things we can do to maximize our brain:

  • Use your online time to learn useful things. Use the internet not just to check social media websites. Visit some mentally nourishing sites.

  • Write down what you learn.

  • Play some brain sports while having fun. Playing chess, scrabble and any other board games help us practice our strategical way of thinking.

  • Have some smart friends. Hanging out and sharing intellectual topics with smart friends is one way to learn.

  • Read a lot. Read lots of brain-boosting reading materials

  • Take some downtime. Give yourself space for your brain to process what it has learned.