6 Spirit Hacks That Will Help You To Cleanse Your Energy

6 Spirit Hacks That Will Help You To Cleanse Your Energy

Many people have some intuitive hunch. The best example is when you hear the phone from the other room ringing, and you already know who is calling you.
This hunch is translated as ‘clear seeing.’ It is called that because people believe that we all have an antenna that picks up some signal. 

One of the best-known types of clairs is clairvoyance. It is present when you will be able to receive and perceive the world around you from a different perspective. If you can tap the emotions, thoughts, and hidden motivations of other people, and the energy of your environment and cosmos, then this Clair is present.
It is a little bit overwhelming. No matter if you are a pro in reading the intentions of the people or just a beginner that taps into the psychic side, also, we will present you some tricks to clean your body, mind, and your spirit.

The power of intention

The essential aspect of energy clearing is your intention. Every step you make and every action that you do, without an intention behind is magical. Because life always gives us new challenges and fair interactions, because of that, it is essential to know how to eliminate stress, anger, sadness, and fear.
You need to believe that if you want to cleanse your body and spirit, your intention will make them clear. People very often forget how powerful they are, and that they can do whatever they want, only if they want it.


The best cleaning of energy is smudging that involves a ritual of burning of sage, Palo Santo, or some other incense by our choice. You need to lighten up the smudge that you prefer and allow the smoke to embrace you. Smoke around your body signifies the negative energy and emotions, thoughts, living your body. You need to walk around your home, so the smoke reaches every corner and doorway in your place. Once you’re done with this, open your windows and doors. You will see how the smoke is leaving your home, together with the negative energy in it.

Ritual Salt Baths

Another powerful way of eliminating negativity is a salt bath. It is considered as a powerful mineral. With its antibacterial properties, the salt is present in the daily human life for over thousands of years. If you feel like you don’t have the energy anymore, and you feel heavy, then the salt bath is the perfect solution for you,
The only thing you need to do is to add some Epsom or sea salt in your bath water and stay in it so that the salt will absorb all your negativity. Your body and spirit will be thankful to you. In case you don’t have a tub at your home, you can also use a bucket and pour it over yourself, containing the same substances as in the tub.
Another solution is swimming into an ocean or a sea.

Sound and vibration

The best healer of all is the music. Especially if you have a musical soul. You can cure every sore. The music contains energy that has the power to soothe the sores in your heart and see the best solution, plus you will be calmer.
It is an excellent solution because music is used to frighten the evil spirits, and will eliminate the stagnant energy, and can raise the positive vibration in the space.
You can enjoy it while you are having a bath, or just listening to some music on your headphones in your bed, etc.
If you feel down, you can turn some music on, and start to dance. Immediately the negativity will leave your body, and positivity will come in.

Ground Yourself

To be ground is significant. You need to get grounded if you want to have success in every field. You must live in reality, in the present. That is the only way to stay focused and to keep moving towards success.
When you sit or stand, you shall make your mind quiet and think of your legs like a tree. The feet represent the roots that reach deep in the ground.
Think of them how they are trying to reach the center of the Earth through the dirt, past rocks, etc. Through their way, they are protected and supported. Continue to imagine fear, anxiety, and some pain through your feet. They are protected, you must trust the planet and the Earth, they have a plan, you won’t be hurt.

Get an Energy healing

In case you have already found your way of cleansing, you already know that it has high power. But, life sometimes can become overwhelming, and we all sometimes need help. In case you’re feeling down, you need to use energy healing like reiki, pranic healing, or even acupuncture. There are a lot of healing methods that can eliminate the negative energy and cheer you up.

The Energy Cleansing Calcite Crystal Candle Holder is a wonderful energy cleansing tool. As you place a candle inside it, it illuminates and helps in the purification and cleansing power of the Calcite crystals. A great piece to set in the middle of your living area. Place the Energy Cleansing Calcite Crystal Candle Holderwhere your family gathers to help them cleanse their negative energies!