6 Signs That We, or Someone We Know, Is Dealing With a Narcissistic Person

6 Signs That We, or Someone We Know, Is Dealing With a Narcissistic Person

Those people who were once in a relationship with a narcissistic person already know that narcissists are horrible humans and that they are capable of everything.

As they don’t care for others, but only for themselves, they may be considered the most toxic individuals in this world that we could associate ourselves with, particularly when talking about loving such people.

A narcissistic individual sees other people as pawns. We will carry out all of their demands, without even thinking twice, always letting them have their ways.

If we or someone else is dealing with such people, but we are not sure, here are the six warning signs we should pay attention to:

1. Narcissists are extremely arrogant individuals.

A narcissist can be extremely arrogant, particularly when we try to confront him or her on everything that hurts others around them.

He or she is going to see this as an attack from us, and also decide that we doubt them, that we have never really supported them and their ideas, or even that we are probably the worst individuals in the world.

Once again, we may believe that they over exaggerate, but this is the true feelings of narcissists, every time when others defy their desires. In the end, they will always be toxic.

2. Narcissists over exaggerate the achievements they have.

Above everything else, narcissists are always going to talk all the best about themselves, just like they are the best. Narcissists are not going to let down the chances they can speak highly about themselves to other people.

Once again, it is about false vibration, as they are going to do everything or anything in order to keep it to themselves. This is probably the largest indication that we are dealing with narcissistic individuals.

This will happen if we are meeting the person for the first time. As we don’t know anything about them, they may talk about their false achievements as much as they want.

3. Narcissists always use other people to their own advantage.

Narcissists will always take advantage of other people around them. They are going to get what they really want regardless of who comes in their ways.

They are always going to find some inventive and new ways of manipulating us, our friends, or everyone else that decides to stay away from their lives.

There aren’t other ways to avoid these people and their behaviors as they do that to everyone who would like to communicate with them. For narcissists, this is a weakness which they can use anytime they want to.

4. Narcissists are obviously jealous.

These individuals don’t hesitate with the jealousy, and they are proudly going to display it every time when they see things they do not have. Every time they see a person that is better than them, they can be sickly envious, and they are going to act out in every way in order to deprive that individual of attention or praise.

Although this seems a lot for one person to carry out, it is completely true. Narcissists hate it every time when they find something or someone better than them, and they also know that it will drive them crazy when they think about that particular thing and realize that it will gain more attention than they will.

5. Narcissists always have the necessity of praise.

In fact, another thing which we are going to notice about narcissists would be that they always need approval from others. Although many people believe this is over exaggeration, it is not at all.

Narcissists love attention, and that’s why they will keep us and others around them, as they have the necessity of such validation. They are capable of getting anyone to do that, and when we don’t do it when they want, we are going to see their bad sides.

6. Narcissists believe that having feelings is our own fault.

Every time we decide that we would like to confront a narcissist about every wrong thing, he or she did to us or someone else, he or she is simply going to brush everything off.

When we tell them about emotions or feelings which go against everything they want from us, they are going to tell us that it is our own fault for such feelings and emotions.

Narcissists don’t have sympathy or empathy for those around them. We are going to see this when it happens to us as well. Although we think that they are not capable of saying horrible things, it is something natural for them.

The following time we thin or someone that we know thinks that he or she deals with a narcissistic individual, we should remember these six things. They are never going to make themselves obvious, and we are going to know be aware of the truth, better sooner than later.

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