Use These 6 Powerful Money Mantras and See How Wealth and Abundance Comes into Your Life

Use These 6 Powerful Money Mantras and See How Wealth and Abundance Comes into Your Life

The economy is in shambles. The job market is at an all-time low. Inflation continues shooting up the price of even our necessities.

In such times of trouble, it is natural to wish for a magical source of money that could keep your pockets lined even when your resources dry up.

However, even if any of these problems do not plague you; also if you have no student bills for paying, and a steady, as well as good source of income, the thoughts of a little extra cash is always something pleasant. Isn’t it?

Well, the thing is that all every one of us would be happy to have more than what we have now. However, one thing that not many of us can realize is that it is within our power to become more prosperous.

Money can also be increased by specific mantras that may help you to usher in abundance when you thought that you could not have any.

A mantra

This is a Sanskrit word which comes from two base words “man” and “tra.” “Man” is the mind or the thought and “tra” is a sort of tool by which you can use something. A mantra is considered a tool by which we use the power of our thoughts. Mantras are usually utilized in meditation, to increase concentration. A mantra can also be a word, or a phrase or even simply a sound like “Om” which is repeated several times.

How do they function?

Mantras work at two different levels. First of all, in its most basic function – a mantra is utilized to focus the mind, and in its natural state, our mind is susceptible to go through a lot of information rapidly, never settling on one thing. This wreaks havoc on our concentration. With chanting a mantra, we can quiet the mind and in that way help us in focusing.

The second thing is to remember the law of attraction. The kind of energy which you actively seek is the kind of power that you will get. So, when you repeat the same mantra over and over again, you are seeking the energy vibrations of the things which you are speaking. And thus, you are going to be able to interact it in real life.

Money matters

By that logic, if you chant mantras which are about abundance and prosperity, it is precisely what you are going to attract in life. There can be a lot of money mantras, and you need to focus on the one that looks like the best of all for you.

It should feel right to you, and that is the only condition. Work through some mantras before you finalize the one that you wish to chant. You also need to practice chanting this mantra at least for ten minutes on a daily basis. At the start, it might appear as too much so you can break it into two sessions of five minutes each.

These are the few mantras which you can try using:

Every day I make more and more money.

I have money which I wish to have and which I need.

I am attracting more money.

I do not owe any money to others.

I will find some new opportunities to make money.

I deserve the abundance of all kinds in life.

These six mantras are simple ones, and they can be more easily assimilated. But, there are specific traditional mantras which were made explicitly for attracting wealth. They are the following:

Om Shree Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha

You should repeat Om Shree Ma-ha-lahk-shmi-yay swah-ha. It addresses the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi who presides over wealth. In this mantra, we are invoking the goddess, as well as requesting her to fill our life with abundance.

Om Vasudhare Svaha

You should repeat On Va SU Dha Rei Swa Ha. This is a traditional Buddhist mantra, and it addresses the Goddess of Earth- Vasudhara. It is advised to chant this mantra 108 times. But, in the beginning, listening to it 108 times can also work, if you are not able to sing it.

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