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6 Feng Shui Tips To Manifest Your Dreams

by Denise Kinsley

6 Feng Shui Tips To Manifest Your Dreams

Feng shui has been linked since ancient times with the idea of manifesting dreams.

My clients tend to be looking to manifest something that’s eluded them: money, love, peace, more of something vital that seems to be slipping through their hands.

I don’t deal in quick fixes or magic cures — no talismans or lucky charms — but there are lots of seemingly magical shifts that happen when you clear away obstacles weighing you down and bring your life more into alignment with the things you want.

Your home is a mirror of your life. That’s a big feng shui principle that I’ve seen hold true time and time again.

When you look around your place right now with this idea in mind, you might see things that you didn’t notice before. Does the art on your walls make you feel good? Does the style of your space reflect your style? Are you cluttered in ways in your home that are mirrored in your life … like clutter in your kitchen that mirrors a diet you can’t seem to stick with?

When you make some positive changes in your space, you’re often prompted, reminded and motivated to start making changes in your life.

If you’re stuck in a series of negative relationships, for example, overhauling your bedroom can reveal the ways that you’ve been attached to past disappointments or upsets that reveal ways you may be stuck in the past. I’ve seen many closets full of clothes with bad memories attached to them, broken headboards, even divorce papers stored under beds!

Clear away the blocks mirrored in that stuck space, rebuild a more positive vision of a bedroom that supports love and you can get unstuck. You may find the relationship of your dreams, or you may find the motivation and help to confront deeper issues that are blocking you … and then more love arrives.

One way or another, when you change your space you clear more of a path to what you need and want. You become more adept at “manifestation.” You start to create and accept; you find more of what you need and want.

Here are a few ideas to shift your space to manifest more of your purpose and greatness … right now!

1. Ditch the energy-draining personalities. 

People are also a part of your environment. Anyone who sucks the life out of you isn’t likely to help you manifest more of your purpose in life. There are enough obstacles in life that just pop up; you don’t need to cart around people who exhaust you with endless drama or suck the life from you.

2. Spruce up energy-draining spaces. 

Start by brightening dark rooms. Opening more windows, adding an extra lamp or even painting rooms a brighter color can make a huge difference. When things are bright, it’s easier to keep your attention on what makes you happy!

3. Keep things free-flowing. 

I was reminded recently about taking the “path of least resistance.” Rather than fighting life, why not flow with it? In a home, if you have lots of clutter you may be blocking the easier paths for yourself! A clutter-clearing project can help you find easier ways to flow through your space. Clutter clearing also tends to create lots of inspiration and focus that makes for great results in life!

4. Make more art. 

Art is therapy, expression, creative fuel and emotional power in a space. When you actually make art, you infuse your home with your personal style. The act of creating art begets more ideas and more creativity. That momentum helps you to create tons more of what you want in all of life

5. Get organized. 

I was recently at lunch with several very successful businesspeople, and the conversation turned to raving that the life coach they all shared was completely transformational. Turns out, they referred to their stellar housekeeper as their life coach, since each of them had become dramatically calmer, more focused and more optimistic thanks to the organization that entered their lives.

6. Try feng shui for yourself in a bigger way. 

Some people may think that it takes special knowledge or a personal assistant to put feng shui principles into practice, but that’s not the case! I’ve developed an online course, called Your Guide To DIY Feng Shui: Change Your Space To Change Your Life, to help you overhaul your approach to the world. So check it out and start manifesting today!

Dana Claudat is a designer, Pyramid School feng shui master and founder of the holistic & artistic lifestyle blog The Tao of Dana.


Denise Kinsley

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