6 Clues That Every Person In The World Has A Soul

6 Clues That Every Person In The World Has A Soul

We have all probably sometimes wondered whether we were someone or something else in our previous lives or not. We have also wondered if we even lived a previous life at all.

One main question for a lot of scientists and philosophers is if human beings have souls. Souls are spiritual and immortal parts of human beings that exist before the existence of human bodies and stay alive after the death of human beings. They are the main reasons why people have the ability, probably, to reincarnate, starting new lives in different bodies.

Even though a lot of people believe that there are souls within each of them, others are quite skeptical, and they search for real evidence which will prove the spiritual entities’ existence.

Here are the six clues which may prove that every one of us has a soul:

1. Brain activities

Dr. Wilder Penfield, who is a neurosurgeon from Canada, has the responsibility for many things that we nowadays understand about human brains, and the world considers him the father of neurosurgery. In fact, for many years, he believed that the brain of human beings could explain their different behaviors, but after some research, he was not sure about this anymore.

He conducted an experiment where he observed the activity of the brain of one subject of his, by setting up some system which monitors all the brain activities of that subject. When he asked his subject to raise the hand, and when the subject raised it, some part of the brain has been activated. And, when the subject put the arm down, this part of his brain has been deactivated. Also, he asked his subject if he raised the arm or not, on which the subject answered that he did.

After that, the neuroscientists utilized a machine in order to activate the same brain part, but artificially. Then, the arm of the subject rose up. However, when he deactivated the brain part, the arm simply fell down. When he asked his subject if he raised the arm or not, the subject answered that he didn’t and that it raised alone. In this case, Penfield is the one that triggered the subject’s brain to make him raise his arm, but in the first one, what or who triggered his brain?

As a result of this experiment, he concluded that human brains are computers, which are programmed by other things outside of them. He even concluded that the mind, and the man’s consciousness, isn’t something which should be reduced to brain mechanism.

2. Bioelectric photographs

Another scientist coming from Russia, named Konstantin Korotkov, made an experiment, photographing a person with the use of a bioelectrographic camera during his death. This scientist is really famous for the many types of research done on the energy fields of humans. This type of camera creates electric fields with high intensity and produces some kind of flow around objects.

He once photographed an individual during his death, and those pictures he took showed him how the soul of the man was leaving his body. He gave an explanation that the soul first left his core, then his head, and in the end, his groin and heart.

3. Reincarnation

There were numerous cases of individuals remembering details from their previous lives throughout history, and for some cultures, reincarnation is a fact.

Virginia University’s former professor named Ian Stevenson, together with his successor named Dr. Jim Tucker, researched some claims and evidence of reincarnation for decades, told by children, and they investigated more than 3000 cases. Furthermore, in most of those cases, mainly kids had the ability to remember unbelievably specific details related to their past lives.

4. Near death experience

We have all heard stories in which people almost died, and they were then brought back to life, talking about some white light towards which they were probably heading. However, we heard this before as it occurs quite often, and one story is similar to another one.

Here is one: After the terrible earthquake at the Tang Mountain, in 1976, many victims were brought back from death with almost every one of them retelling similar experiences and stories of floating above their bodies and rather than feeling fear and pain, they were feeling peace. According to one study from 2011, the near-death experience is just a biological reaction, but one neurosurgeon from Harvard, named Eben Alexander simply disagrees.

According to him, souls don’t exist. However, soon after that, he fell in a coma for one week because of bacterial meningitis, and when he woke up, he claimed that he had a surreal type of journey into the afterlife where he experienced many real things which made the world of human beings seem artificial when compared to that world.

5. Souls captured on video and photo

There are times when we see some photos which capture images of some blurry Bigfoot or ghosts, which makes it possible that cameras have the ability to capture even souls. Also, whether these photos are real or not, they will always be interesting, or even difficult to explain.

A man from Kentucky took one picture of a horrible motorbike accident and posted it on social media in order to share this devastating news. However, what he received in return were comments he was not expecting. People commented that he captured the soul of the dead man, and how it was leaving the body. The post became viral.

6. Ghosts

There are people who are not afraid of ghosts. However, there are also people who are deathly scared of them. Ghost hunting represents the worst possible thing that people can do.

We have all seen numerous videos and pictures or even testimonials, which are evidence of their existence. They are said to be the lost souls of people, which is other evidence that we have souls.

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