5 Signs Your Third Eye Has Spontaneously Opened

5 Signs Your Third Eye Has Spontaneously Opened

Our third eye was said to be an invisible one which provides a sight beyond sight. In fact, it is the eye which correlates to a significant and powerful center of energy which is located in our forehead. For most scholars and experts, this eye is placed somewhere between our eyebrows and one inch higher. However, what will happen when our third eye opens accidentally?

What is the third eye?

Our third eye is placed inside our skull, and it is egg-shaped. The concept of Cosmic Egg, from where the entire creation sprung, was used as the metaphor for the third eye, which at the time of activation, may create or also transfer us in an entirely new world.

This eye is also known as Ajna, and it was said to be the gate of our soul. When it is activated, it will lead to higher perceptions of the other realms. Also, it will give a sense of cosmic consciousness, and it will bring forth wisdom and knowledge without the material means.

People believe that when this eye activates, they can send telepathic messages, or see ghosts and spirits, and even receive prophetic visions and messages from above. That is why those that have activated third eye chakra are known as ‘Seers.’

Our third eye is associated with our pineal gland. Allegedly, humanity had a third eye which was with legendary abilities and functions.

When will the third eye open?

The things will be different if this eye opens itself automatically. The signs which can appear in such cases may cause a lot of problems, and they have to be avoided. In fact, there are a lot of creative and good ways to open this chakra. For those of you that practice meditation or Qi-Qong, know that you probably already opened it.

When our third eye chakra is in trouble, it can manifest physical imbalances, such as problems with our sight, or headaches, or it may even affect our senses for smell and hearing. Emotionally, when the third eye is blocked, it may create illusions related to our life, ignorance towards intuition and also volatility, or even extreme daydreaming without the sense of grounding.

Here are the five symptoms or signs that our third eye opened accidentally:

1. Seeing the day’s light and colors in an entirely different way.

In fact, our third eye contains the word ‘eye’ for some specific reason. When it is activated, every sense is modified because now, the predominant one, which is the sixth sense, is provided by our third eye. We can see colors as brighter, or we can catch some weird smells.

Furthermore, we can hear or feel things which don’t exist in reality. This is almost a psychotic experience, which is common for people who have their third eye activated accidentally.

2. Vivid and weird dreams, which affect our sleep.

This is true. It is one of the most frequent traps or signs that our third eye opened accidentally. Our increased perception with ‘catch’ telepathic messages and visions from beyond, and we can easily perceive them by our dreams. Therefore, our dream world will become the battlefield of strange images and emotions. When the things become more intense, we can seek meditation in order to improve our sleep, forcing our third eye back to atrophy.

3. Strange feelings of disruptions and heaviness, and headaches.

This can be caused by our chakras’ imbalance. When our third eye opened accidentally, there was no balance achieved in our chakras. There was also not a proper cleansing. Therefore, all those troubles with ‘energy’ are going to begin manifesting. A non-greased wheel is not able to roll in the proper way. When we apply additional pressure to such an un-greased wheel, a lot of problems will appear.

This can also happen with our chakras, which are called energy wheels. We should consult our medical doctor whenever headache appears, however.

4. Reality does not feel real anymore.

Right when our third eye has opened accidentally, we can feel detached from reality. We can have such weird feelings just like we live in our dreams, or like everything around us is a lie and nothing is important anymore. This can be caused as our third eye related us with other different realms, forcing us to see the existence of something more than only this material world.

5. The dynamics of relationships change rapidly.

In fact, this can happen as when our third eye gets activated may feel and see more even in relationships. So, what we believed was true can now seem false and lame. When our third eye is activated, it may discover the truth much faster than the light’s speed. However, when we are not prepared for such information overflow, we may not have the ability to handle it or break a lot of relationships up.

The Third Eye Chakra focuses on seeing everything as it is as a "witness" or "observer" and being mindful of each moment. It is not only the seat of wisdom, but also a seat of conscience. When the third eye is open, you not only see but you also understand. When this chakra is fully activated, both hemispheres of the brain function synchronize where creativity is integrated and balanced with logical and analytical thinking. Get your Handmade Third Eye Chakra Ajna Pendant Necklace today!