5 Reasons Why Your Sisters and Brothers Matter

5 Reasons Why Your Sisters and Brothers Matter

“A sibling represents a person's past, present, and future.”

- John Corey Whaley

Out of all the relationships we have, the one that we have with our brothers and sisters is often forgotten, taken for granted or under-rated. But this bond is one of the most important relationships that we can ever have and attributes to our growth and development from a very early age. It is one of the longest lasting relationships we have and probably the most influential.

A sibling relationship is often highly charged with both positive and negative interactions and these experiences provide a safe training ground for interactions outside the home.

They form the basis on which children learn how to behave in social settings outside the house and establish long-term social behavior.

Our siblings have the greatest influence in developing our skills and shaping our sense of identity. Numerous studies show that our relationship with our siblings not only determines how we relate to the world and the choices we make but has a significant impact on our health and wellbeing too.

Here are 5 compelling reasons why your siblings are important.

  • They are your best teachers

    The bond you share with your siblings is the oldest relationship in your life and lasts longer than the one that you share even with your spouse. Your brothers and your sisters have grown up with you and perhaps even watched you take your first steps or maybe you have held your little brother’s hand and taught him how to stand.
    As you grow older, your siblings continue to teach you about various aspects of life — how to form friendships, how to resolve conflict, how to be brave and mainly they teach you how to be you.

    • They are your support

    Your siblings have typically grown up with you and experience the same life events – including the mundane and boring, often engaging in a continuous flow of interaction through shared activities. As such, who else can understand what it’s like to grow up in your family, or to understand the irrational arguments your parents have?

  • They know you best

  • They know you better than anybody and sometimes even better than yourself. It is with your siblings that you have often shared life’s journey from a very young age. They have grown up with you and have experienced all the things you experienced too – childhood illnesses, a divorce of parents, first kiss, heartache from your first break up – and this makes them understand you better than anybody in this world.

    • They are your comfort

    You know you can always find comfort in your siblings. Judith Dunn, a professor of developmental psychology at King’s College in London says that good sibling relationships can be protective and seem to buffer kids against stressful situations. Strong sibling relationships are a great source of help, comfort, and support as you grow older. It is no wonder that older people reminiscence about shared memories drawn from intimacy and familiarity of those experiences which in turn helps extend mortality in a healthy and happy way.

  • They are your wellbeing
  • Having a close bond with your sibling is good for your health. And a study conducted by Brigham Young University shows you just that. This study found that close sibling relationship defended against depression better, lowered the risk of delinquency and promoted pro-social behavior such as kindness and empathy. Growing up with your brothers and sisters is great for your mental health too. Because you go through life together, you learn through your various interactions with your siblings, whether it is about conflict, social behavior or love and kindness. This makes you more apt to tackle harder situations in life than those who grow up without siblings.

    So next time, take a good look at your siblings and know that they are the ones who know you best. Celebrate this unique and special bond which is like no other relationship that you can ever have with another person. To help you remember that special relationship, check our Balancing Hematite Agate Protection Bracelets. Share your sibling stories together and gift them something that shows how significant they are to you. 


    Source: Psychology Today